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     Navneet Anand 
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    Hello Saumya,

    Here are the list of some of the book crucial in the preparation of GRE

    From Manhattan:

    • The Algebra GRE Strategy Guide
    • The Fractions, Decimals, & Percents GRE Strategy Guide
    • The Geometry GRE Strategy Guide
    • The Number Properties GRE Strategy Guide
    • The Word Problems GRE Strategy Guide
    • The Quantitative Comparisons & Data Interpretation GRE Strategy Guide
    • The Reading Comprehension & Essays GRE Strategy Guide
    • The Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence GRE Strategy Guide

    From ETS:

    • Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions
    • Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions

    Thank You

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    I just started preparing for the GRE and I am totally confused about which practice book to tackle first. What order of these famous GRE books is considered a good, step by step process?

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     Shraddha Goel 
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    Following books listed based on the order of preference. Ratings for the books are listed below.

    1. Manhattan GRE Prep Books –  8 books.
    2. Official ETS GRE Guide – Super Power Pack – 3 Books
    3. 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems – 1 Big Book

    In addition to above three books, you can find so many other books from different publishers.

    However I suggest you to less but quality books and practise as much as possible. 100 books just confuse and stress you up.

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     Olivia Das 
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    First of all you should start with a mock. Concentrate on the areas which you found are weak while doing the mock.

    Now clear your concepts and start solving “those big ” books. 🙂

    1. Manhattan GRE Prep Books –  8 books.
    2. ETS GRE Guide – Super Power Pack – 3 Books
    3. 5 lb Book of GRE Practice Problems – 1 Book

    However you wont need all these books, solve first 2 sets and then start giving mocks! every 2days!  That is your real preparation 🙂

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