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     Puneet Mishra 

    I am currently in 9th standard. I love exploring science, but when it comes to other subjects like History and Geography I am not able to score good marks. Can anyone please tell me how important will these subjects be in future ? I will be taking up science courses in future, having said that can some one please guide me on the same ?


    Thank you

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     Radhika Tanika 

    Hi Puneet,

    Don’t worry about that. Everyone has some weaknesses, good that you realized your so early. As you expressed your interest towards Science, its great that you are planning on pursuing it in future. Getting low marks in History and Geography is not that big thing to be worried about, but please make sure that you are able to pass the subjects respectfully.

    Every subject that is being taught in school has some or the other importance and so as these two. Geography teaches you about the environment you live in, called Earth, and history teaches you about the events that took place in the same environment of your life. Having knowledge about the above evolves you into a more matured Individual. Hope I cleared your doubt.

    Thank you

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     Anirudh Jitani 

    If you are planning to take up Science after 10th then these subjects should not matter much. The only place these subjects will affect is your Boards score. However if you are planning to give UPSC exams, then you have an option of taking these subjects as one of your choice. If you don’t like the study material for these subjects, watch videos related to these topics in Youtube, you would find it much more interesting.

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     Olivia Das 


    Its not at all necessary for you to know geography and history in order to be excellent at science! 🙂

    Stop worrying at all, these subjects are only for those who want to make a career using these subjects. Or the ones who need a heavy general knowledge . You can always study these for general knowledge in case you are going for any entrance exam where GK is also a factor! Else you would never need these two subjects in you carrier.

    But obviously, study a lot (the subjects you like ) and make the presence of bad marks in your geography and history look negligible(not-so-important) in your mark-sheet! 😉

    Dont worry. Keep calm. Best of luck!

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     Shraddha Goel 

    It is said that if you know what you like and dislike in academics, you are very lucky because it helps you make the right choice. Since you fall in this category, I suggest that you study history and geography till 10th since it is mandatory, and after that without any worries take up science. You can do 1000 different things in science, commerce and humanities.

    So you can explore what options you will have in science and take it up. Basic history and geography will be learnt till 10th.

    From 11th, you will be learning your subjects to specialise and make a career in them. In science, you can do any of the  umpteen number of engineering courses, or go in the medical field which itself is diverse. Start-ups are the trend of today and assure you a very interesting career path. So think about it and all the best to you 🙂

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    Hello Puneet !

    If you are planning to take up science after class 12 then subjects like History and Geography won’t matter much.If you want to take up science then concentrate more on science oriented subjects specially maths. You would need a certain percentage of marks to get the science stream. However one should not completely ignore these subjects because both History and Geography teach us about our surroundings, our culture and the events that took place through passage of time. Have some knowledge about these subjects is beneficial  as well. If you want to score well in your class 10 boards then these subjects do play an important part.

    Hope this helps ! Cheers.


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    Hi Puneet,

    Here is a simple solution of your question! As you know yourself very well that your interest is in science. As science is a branch which mainly consists of four major sub-bodies (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology). If you are sure that you will be pursuing science only then it’s not important for you to study in Social Science in deep, but as per my concern remember one thing in future if you will appear for any UPSC examination, basic questions from Social Science are always asked. So just read the study material (Books, General Knowledge, Papers) carefully they will surely help you in future. Rest there is no need of being getting stressed by thinking upon this. Hope I am able to lead you towards your answer.

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     Suresh kumar

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