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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    Is LPU starting classes of B.Tech CS starts with basics like C C++ because I don’t know this languages properly and I have taken CS this year? Suggest me what to do!!

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    Hello Bhaskar,

    I read your question and it seems you have the same problem I had few years back when I got my admission in my college..It is not necessary that you should know this language..There would be like so many people who must be thinking the same..I would suggest you to that study it in your class hours because the basics needs to be cleared for future in these languages..if you leave it now then you will have to study later and then you will have no time..Because at the time of placements for technical answers you need to have clear concept of these 3 languages which are java, c and c++..So learn what is being taught in your lectures that would be enough..

    All the best!!

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     Olivia Das 


    Dont worry at all about not having any prerequisites in programming languages!

    Why do you think they have INTRODUCTION TO C/C++/JAVA classes at the first place??

    They teach you from the scratch. It wont affect you at all in any way!

    I hope this helps you!! 🙂

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