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     Vishesh Saraswat 

    I have joined Akash’s repeater’s batch. Their study material is very comprehensive. It covers AIIMS syllabus. I want to only focus on NEET. Therefore I am only referring NCERT.  Will it help in cracking NEET exam?

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     Anam Kidwai 

    According to toppers and experts, class XI and class XII NCERT books are extremely important for NEET preparation. These textbooks focus on fundamentals  and are  great for understanding basic concepts.

    NCERT books are written in simple and understandable language and are direct in their approach, making it easier for students to comprehend various concepts. These cover all the important topics in physics, chemistry and biology.

    Perhaps the main benefit of using NCERT books for NEET preparation is that a number of questions in the exam are from them, either directly or indirectly.  For example, the numerical based questions in NEET in the last few years have been largely influenced by the NCERT syllabus.

    NCERT books are very important for preparing biology. As many as 80 out of 90 biology questions in NEET exam are from these books.  They are also helpful in preparing diagram based questions. . It is possible to ace the biology section of the exam by preparing only from NCERT textbooks. In order to score over 300 marks, you should be thorough with important chapters and topics

    Although NCERT books should be your main source for NEET preparation, a little extra efforts are required, especially in physics and chemistry. Do not restrain yourself to NCERT syllabus. Refer to other books. Aakash modules are a great reference source. Study them thoroughly to make up for what is not covered by the NCERT textbooks. All the best!

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     Akshay Kothari 


    NCERT books are the most important books for NEET preparation. Most of the questions in NEET Exam are asked from NCERT book.

    Approx 80-90% questions in NEET Exam are asked from NCERT book.

    NEET 2018 Exam will be on 6th May or 10th May 2018. So, prepare yourself well for the exam.

    You should prepare from NCERT book first then refer other books.

    For practicing numerical, you may refer these books:

    • Concept of Competition Physics for CBSE PMT by Aggarwal’s
    • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma

    Best of Luck!


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     Tripti khandal 


    If you are preparing for NEET 2019, then first you should check the complete NEET Syllabus 2019. You will find the topics covered in Class 11th and 12th NCERT Books. You can check previous year question papers also. Most of the questions covered in the syllabus. Many candidates prepare with NCERT Books for NEET with class 12th and also crack it with good marks. However, other NCERT Books, you can prepare for the below-mentioned books for biology: –

    1. NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII
    2. Trueman’s Biology Volume 1
    3. Trueman’s Biology Volume 2
    4. Dinesh Objective Biology Book for NEET
    5. Biology by Pradeep’s Publications
    6. GRB Bathla’s Publication

    Thank You!!

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     Neet Chellange 

    yes, it based on preparation before start study, you should understand Biology concept and best books for biology.

    Some of the best books for NEET biology preparation are:

    NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks

    Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

    Objective Biology by Dinesh

    Objective Botany by Ansari

    Pradeep Guide on Biology

    GR Bathla publications for Biology

    Selecting the best text book is very crucial I agree. At the same time, a thorough study alone my not be important for facing a challenging exam like NEET. Several Students across India take NEET exam every year and these days it has become highly competitive.

    Getting prepared to cope up with the competition is more important. For this For this taking mock NEET exam will be helpful and I would like to recommend one App to you. It is called ‘Victo NEET challenge app’. Victo NEET Challenge App has NEET challenges, which are taken by many students like you, on the same day and at the same time. So, you will be getting the feel of a real NEET exam, when you take NEET challenge on Victo App. You will instantly be getting your score once you complete the challenge and then, you will also be gauged against your peers.

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