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     Nidhi Rastogi 
    Rank: M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering

    Currently I am perusing my B.Tech degree in ECE, but now I have realized that it is not the branch that Interests me. I love solving logical and programming questions. Can someone guide me, what all options are available to me now?

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     Aniket Rege 
    Rank: Thermal Engineering by PL Ballaney


    I myself am an ECE student in NITK, Surathkal. Its perfectly okay if you love logical and programming questions, as even I love writing code, and doing web development in addition to electronics projects. My advice to you is to practice what you love, and get better and better at it. As a student of ECE, you will have the chance to work in companies that recruit from Computer Science and IT branches as well. So fear not! Follow your passion, and everything will just fall in place.

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     Olivia Das 
    Rank: Is Interior Designing a Good Career Option

    I agree with Aniket. And in case you don’t feel comfortable even after trying the above , you can always change your branch to CS by studying hard and scoring good marks! 🙂

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