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     Nidhi Rastogi 

    I am currently in my 2nd year and feeling really confused about my future. I have seen many seniors opting for MBA and MS. I have done research on the same but I am still not able to decide. The reason for my confusion is that I like doing technical stuff but not sure till when will this last. Also I posses good communication and managerial skills because of which many people ask me to go for MBA. Request you people to help me out on the same. This is really making me worried. 😐


    Thank you

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     Randhir Hebbar 

    Well there is nothing to be confused so early in you career Nidhi. Just hold on and be patient. Give it some more time, try to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. And anyways if by any chance you decide that you want to go for MBA, you would still need 3-5 years of experience for getting admissions in reputed MBA colleges. Till then you can work with your B.tech degree and figure out what you actually want to do. Hope this was helpful 😀

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     Rashmi Aggarwal 

    Well the choice of MBA or MS is totally an individual choice. As said above, you still have enough time to figure it out Nidhi. But still I would ask you to go through this article as it would help you in making a wise decision :



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     Anirudh Jitani 

    Well I would say the same, give yourself some time. Don’t rush into a decision too fast just because your friends may be doing it or your parents are asking you to. I have seen many people who rush into such a decision and regret it later. It all comes up to what would you like to do for the rest of your life. Please give it a good thought and at the end I would say do what you would enjoy more.

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     Olivia Das 


    I would suggest, you go for what your strengths prefer! 🙂

    Good at your specialization? go for MS

    Good at English and maths? go for MBA

    I could help you with MBA preparation:

    You should start as early as possible!!

    The paper comprises of:

    Verbal Aptitude

    Quantitative Aptitude

    Logical Reasoning and DI

    First of all take a mock to see where you stand. Now you know which areas you need to focus on!

    for all the above, you can buy ARUN SHARMA books! they are the best and doing those can help you a lot in improving. The level-3 in those is the type of questions that come in cat.

    solve those. AND, enroll yourself in some mock test series. AMCAT by TIME is the best but thougher that the actual CAT, Career Launcher test series is of same level as CAT.

    I suggest you do both. AND you are ready to rock CAT paper!

    Details for what to choose (MS or MBA) is given here:

    Further its your wish to pursue the course. (my suggestion : CAT) 🙂


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     Suresh kumar

    The MBA is a general management degree, and it is the most common degree for business professionals who are seeking to advance in managerial positions. The MS programs are especially well-suited to recent college graduates who want to add a professional credential to their skill set in a short period of time.
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     Suresh kumar

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