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     Nupur Pandey 

    I am confused with which branch to choose for engineering. I like maths and logic. Can someone guide me with the branch that could suit my interest?

    I am still in 12th. But a bit curious about future. Wanted to understand beforehand which will be the best branch suiting my interest.

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     Anirudh Jitani 

    Maths and Logic are good for any engineering branch. If you have good problem solving skills and love to play with logic, then you can go for Computer Science or IT. If you like and understand physics, then depending on your area of interest you can choose your branch. If you are looking for private jobs, then Computer Science or IT is in high demand and they pay well. If you are looking for government related jobs, then Electrical and Electronics Engineering or Civil or Mechanical. Most importantly, choose a branch that you find interesting and not the job because it is going to stay with you for a long time.

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     Shraddha Goel 

    Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical or Civil engineering would be the best for you.

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     Vivek Mishra 

    There are branches for everyone interested in science, logical analysis or any specific category. As you said you prefer maths and logics then it only indicates towards CS/IT branch. These have maths and the programming is completely based on logical approach ability. If maths and physics dominate in your preference list then Mechanical could be a good option.

    But be clear as glass because once you have chosen the branch, it will affect your upcoming future.

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    Hello Nupur!

    First, Congratulations on choosing engineering!

    I must say maths and logic is what engineering is based upon. If that is your strength then I would strongly recommend you to take up Computer Science .Computer Science Engineering is based upon maths, logic, algorithms and their implementation in real life problems. There are plenty of such topics where you can apply your skills to get efficient results. Today the world depends on technology and computers play the most important part in them. Do a little bit of research over the topics taught in Computer Science and I’m sure you’ll like it.

    Cheers! All the best.

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    Are you certain you want to pursue engineering in the first place? There are still plenty of career options based on your strengths.

    However, if you are certain you want to be an engineer I feel that Computer Science Engineering would be a snug fit for a person of your talents. Computer workings have a lot of repetitions and loops that require logical thinking. You seem to be preparing for IIT-JEE, so you’ve probably encountered permutations, combinations, sequences and series. These areas will be      useful in coding and other areas.

    Your skills are good in any area of engineering, so it would be best to pick what you like. I think you should look into each branch of engineering and see what they offer, what their jobs are like, and other factors based on your priorities. You can ask me for specifics in the comments below, and I will be glad to answer you.

    I hope you make an informed and calculated decision 🙂

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     Saniya firdaus 

    Hi nupur,

    As i see that you have the core abilities required to enter engineering field…looking at your skill set i suggest you to opt for ECE,EEE,CSE as each of these departments have their own respective areas which deals with maths and a lot of new logic to be applied in every step you take towards technology. Although these streams are little bit tiring and strenuous but each one has their own benefits and prosperity. I wish you lots of luck in opting your career.

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    Well both Math and logic are must  skills for every branch of engineering, but if you want to make the best use of them, go for Computers sciences or if you are great in physics as well you can go for mechanical engineering as well.

    Good Luck!

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    Good to see that you like Maths. You can opt for Mathematics & Computing Engg.   Meanwhile, you can keep preparing for competetive exams which consists of Aptitude test, reasoning, English test & GK.

    With this preparation, you can improve your Maths logics, Command on English etc & can gain a good job too.

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     Vaibhav kishnani 

    Hii Nupur

    Happy to help you

    I am also pursuing engineering from mumbai in the stream of mechatronics.

    First thing people will promptly add comments, give there suggestions or might force you to take the branch according to there will.

    Never do this always continue your studies in the stream you desire so that you can study according to your ibterest and could perform extremely well.

    If your maths and logic is good, go for c.s. or electronics. Maths is compulsary till the completion of 2nd year in every engineering college for every branch.

    Hope you got something from my expirience.

    All the best Nupur!

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