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     Puneet Mishra 

    Engineering, Medical, Commerce , etc.?

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     Navneet Anand 

    Hello Puneet. There are a lot of career options for you as you are at the foundation stage of your life. From here on you can become anything you want. Your career option depends upon your liking of subject and your interest in a particular field. So,contemplate and look out for the subjects and professions that go with your passion. Discover your passion and have a successful life ahead. Best of luck.

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    Helo Punit, It’s always up to you what subject you choose. If you are good with science and can handle maths, go with non-medical, i.e science with maths, if you are good with pure science and not so good in maths, go with science with bio, if you want to start something afresh which includes business knowledge, go with commerce, if you are good with maths, go with commerce with maths and if not then go with commerce without maths and finally, if you are interested in social studies, pursue humanities. although at the end, you must think of what to want to be when you first take up a job and you still have a year so think it out and pursue what your heart wants.

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     Shraddha Goel 

    If your science book does not invoke a genuine interest/curiosity in you, do not go for science. It is hard for those who do not have a passion for it.

    If you are interested in business, management, numbers, economics then commerce is the right stream for you. Loads of career opportunities and your future will be secured.

    If you like Social Science more than Science, go for it. Today Humanities’ students have a plethora of career paths (interesting and varied) to choose from.

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     Olivia Das 


    Many might say that you are too young to thing about these things now. But I think this is the perfect time! 🙂

    Well talking about choosing subjects, it purely depends on your taste and interests! What do you like. Really think for it and then choose.

    If you like bio, physics, chem and maths. Go for science. Now weigh between bio and maths. If bio-medical , maths-non med

    If you just like maths, go for commerce.

    Everything just depends on what you like!

    Nobody can choose for you at all.

    P.S.- Choose what you like! Only then you can succeed 🙂

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    hello puneet everything depends upon liking of your subjets which you have keen interest .Everthing is good for your carrer all branches have bright future but thing is that what you want to do and which you can clear easily with interest.all the best.thank you

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     Parag Patle 

    Hi Puneet. I appreciate the fact that you are concerned about your future at such an early stage of life. Please keep this in mind that your career choice shouldn’t be swayed by your peers and immediate relatives. Engineering and medical are the streams usually suggested by our parents and society. I will suggest you to allow yourself more exposure to the fields of arts, commerce, advertising, public relations, digital marketing etc. As I mention these fields, I would like you to know that, within each of these mentioned areas, there is a vast scope for you to grow, learn and to understand your capabilities. Explore your creative side, do something out of your comfort zone, to explore new possibilities for yourself. As you finish your 10th standard, get a psychometric test, I won’t suggest it now as you are quite young for that matter. Understand the fact that life is more than just doing a monotonous job, your job can be fun too and it won’t be a job anymore if you love what you do. If you need further more help, you can contact me at [email protected]. I will be more than happy to guide and support you.

    Love and Regards,

    Parag K. Patle

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    1. Hai puneet,glad you think of the future at the early stage.No worries.I will help you to my best. You didn’t mention about your interesting subjects or a particular field  that fascinates you.Let me help me with you the available options,basically after your 10 class you will have only a science group (m.p.c) and for medicine (bi.p.c) and other groups like(c.e.c)(h.e.c) and many more.often people choose either bi.p.c or m.p.c.Its just an 2 yr intermediate course and after that you can continue in the respective field.if you choose m.p.c there is a feasibility that you can have many career chances whereas bi.p.c is confined to only field of medicine.coming to other branches like cec and hec they come under accountancy and other career options.Though intermediate is important it’s not remarkable.after intermediate you will get a clear idea.
    2. Finally i suggest you to go with m.p.c
    3. Any other queries are welcomed.i hope this answer would be helpful to you
    4. Good luck
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     Sunny Lama 


    I’m gonna make sure this is brief.

    It’s really hard after to make choices right after your exams as time is very short to reflect your likes or intrest. To be honestt, if you’re confused ,take a year off and see what interests you. I been through same boat. If you haste to make decision, you’ll most probably end up changing your field. Coming to the three options you have mentioned.

    • Engineering: Job scope being highest, most students get into engineering.  Not true. If you’re good at your interest, your good to become a astronautt of your dreams. Think about your intrest also.
    • Commerce: Those engineers feeling left out, have no option but pursue B.Com. You are given false hope , that after bcom you could do your CA or government exam preparation. Truth being if you’re good at commercee,work for some big paying company or even you’re own if you have what it takes.

    ●Art: I am a economics student. I have no interest whattsoever on job. I know if Ii know my subject, there are lot of opportunity waiting. Being a Economist or a astronaut?

    Choose wisely or become a slave to your job.

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    hi Puneet ,

    Its good to be so concerned about your future but you need time to decide. Remember lot of time it happens that your characterstics do not match your passion. Probably if  i wanted to be a lawyer but being argumentative is not my characteristic, then that is not the field i can excel in ,howmuch ever i study.So my point here is that there has to be a balance between your characteristics and passion.You need to find the intersecting field where your passion meets your characteristics.

    Right now concentrate to score high in all subjects in your 10th , dont run just walk slowly step by step. There ma be people saying you are not ambitious , remember just liking something and doing that for rest of your life in not right. Take time to understand what is it that you can do rest of your life without getting bored. So after your 10th, visit a career couselor ( right person to find the balance ) , discuss and then chose .

    But right now focus on your class 1oth.

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    Class 9 would be a good time to think about what you are interested in and you should plan accordingly for that. You should always follow what you are passionate about in your life. It does not matter what your friends and others tell you because at the end it is you who has to achieve your dreams!

    To keep it simple, if you are fascinated by Physics, Maths , Biology and Chemistry , you should go for Science stream. If you like logic and want to know how everyday things work then Science is ideal for you. It take a fair bit of hard work and dedication for this. Science is the study of what is all around you.

    If you are interested in mathematics and a business approach, go for commerce. There are plenty of opportunities there as well. Commerce is a study of trade, business and exchange of services.

    Arts stream is somewhat inclined towards tradition and culture. If you are interested by topics such as humanities, politics, visual arts, literature etc then arts should be your pick. Arts is where you can explore your creative side.

    In conclusion I would suggest to go with your passion. No stream is big or small and there are equal number of opportunities in which ever stream you choose. Interest and passion is what matters most in order to achieve what you want.

    Hope this answer helps! Cheers.

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    Frankly, I do not think there are right or wrong choices when it comes to choosing your career. You can make all the informed decisions in the world and still end up regretting your choice. Alternatively, you can end up happy despite choosing a career you think wouldn’t suit you.

    Nevertheless, this does not imply you should simply jump in and pick whatever. It is prudent to learn and do what you can to the extent of your ability to avoid having any regrets later on in life. And as such, I would like you to ask yourself these questions, ponder upon and answer them carefully.

    1. What are you passionate about? It can be anything, from watching movies to research in science to starting your own company to becoming a writer. It is also important to note that you do not have to worry about your capabilities and limit yourself. For instance, you may have never drawn a thing in your life yet, but if that’s what you find passion in, don’t give up thinking “I am way too new to this” or “this requires lots of exposure from childhood.”
    2. How can you be sure you’re passionate?  This is an important question because far too many people get a spark of a flame in their hearts about what they want and assume it their “calling.” Then they end up grumpy old men/women by the time they’re thirty. So I suggest you ask yourself seriously “can I do this (your chosen profession) for a living, and as my hobby?” Give this question some serious thought. Run various scenarios of this in your head and if your answer is a yes, that’s good. If not, you may want to reconsider this. You do not have to give up on the field entirely, but it would be better for you to look into it closer.
    3. What if you have nothing you’re passionate about? This makes perfect sense. It is not necessary for you to be passionate about anything. It does not make you one whit inferior. In this case, think on what you want most out of life. Is it money? Is it the ability to travel where you want? Flexibility? Job security? Thrill?
    4. Do you know anyone who’s into the line of work you’re interested in? If you do, talk to the person and ask them what their job truly encompasses, what they learn from the job, what the most interesting aspect of their job is, etc. If not, you still have the vast knowledge of the internet to consult.

    I hope you consider these questions carefully as you make your decision.

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    Hello Puneet, firstly, I think, you are very much serious about your career and this is what is making you ahead from your fellow mates. Now the thing that is bothering you. You should decide that whatever you think you will chose in future is not influenced by your family and friends. It is important to make sure that it dose not happens  because many times one takes wrong decisions, leading to life changing episodes. Now the second most important thing. If you feel like you are more of a philosophical person and are inclined more towards to writing expressing your opinions along with playing with words , then you should go for arts and humanities. If you think that you love chemistry, physics and maths and want to explore more of it’s world, then you should go for PCM. But if you feel like, you are more attracted towards the living world and you actually love to spend time during Bio Practical with all the dead tissue (no offence meant) then go with PCB and lastly, if you are more of a statistic mind and wholeheartedly wants to know the stock market works then you should surely go for Commerce.

    It should not matter what your relatives say. Ultimately, it’s your decision and your life. The only thing that matters the most is your own decisions and how you make the.

    At last , all the best for your future.

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