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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    I am a student of science and got 85% marks in class 12. My parents want me to make career in this field. But I like English literature a lot and want to make career in this field. What should I do?

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     Piyush Rai 

    Hey Sushant,

    Congrats on scoring 85% in class 12th. You must have studied a lot and worked hard for your 12th score. Well I leave the decision of what to choose on you, but would like to highlight a few points:

    • Don’t just ignore you parent’s decision, discuss this over with them, try to understand their expectations, analyze the Pros and Cons of selecting/rejecting science as your career option.
    • Explore the various possibilities/challenges that you might come across when you choose English Literature as a profession. Try to reach out to experts/seniors pursuing career in same. Get the insight of how things will be along this path and then see if this is what you expected. Because many a times it looks fancy from outside, but things do really change when you actually experience it.
    • Don’t just try to overpower your parents decision. Passion is one thing I totally agree to it, but the vision is equally important.  

    At the end I would like to wish you best of luck! Choose wisely, discuss with some experts before you make a decision as this may change the entire course of your life and redefine you as a person.

    You can checkout for experts here.

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     Anindita Shome 

    Hello Sushant ,

    I would ask you to think of all your options and contraints, and then take a decision. If English literature is what you want to pursue, try to convince your parents about it. If they don’t agree, you can pursue science and may be study literature in your spare time, take up online courses, etc.

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     Olivia Das 


    You have a nice score 🙂

    Well both the fields have there own importance and beauty.

    Both have equally blooming opportunities!

    You can consider your parent’s and your wish both . Then go ahead by measuring the pros and cons of both options.

    According to me, you should choose what you like. Because you cant excel in any stream until and unless you like it! 🙂

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     Anupriya Shukla 

    I have the same story buddy. I too secured 85% in 12th standard in the science stream. I too wanted to opt for English Literature.

    See you shouldn’t go against your parents wishes. They have a plan for you. All you can do is to convince them by putting forth your vision for your future. Tell them what you want and make them feel you’re passionate about it. They will surely regard your interest.

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     Parag Patle 

    Hi Sushant, listen to your gut feeling. It will be you who will have to live with the fact that you left what you liked only for the parent’s sake. I understand that they care about us, but, if it is about career, and as you know what it is that you want, please go for it. I am telling you, you aren’t disrespecting them, put your opinion in front of them, tell them what it is and how you are going to achieve it. Stick to your goal, and I am sure your parents will be more than happy to see you succeed regardless of the field you choose. Sometimes caring and protection leads to limiting your potential, learn to draw that line.

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     Rashim Bagga 


    First off congratulations for getting done with 12th with such great marks. I think most of us have worn those shoes sometime. I think the first thing you should do, is talk to your parents. You should make them sit down and have a proper conversation with them. Don’t enter this scenario with pre conceived notions and fixated thoughts about pursuing English only. Try to listen and understand their side of the story too.

    Even before doing all of this, you should be clear as to why literature calls to you. Explore this field and see if you’ll be able to handle plethora of books. Being a literature student myself, my foremost advice would be to dig into this course before making a decision.


    best of luck for your  future endeavors

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     Shivam Sharma 


    Well, this is a sterling question. This happens with almost every student at this stage to take which road.
    being succinct its marvel that you have interest in English. Clearing your query with a practical approach, Not every one who can sing is a singer. You got to give auditions there . You compete , practice, fail and succeed. You admire literature that is acceptable. You always need a backup in life. The battle here is between your interest vs knowledge.
    Don’t quit science unless you think you are phenomenal in English. Find yourself in the outside world , where you stand in the literature.
    Welcome science and you have an ample time ahead. Make your interest your hobby and go hand in hand following science accompanied by literature.

    Regards Edugorilla



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