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     Vishesh Saraswat 

    Hi, I am Deepak. I am preparing for Bank PO Exam. How do I remember GK and current-affairs for Bank PO Exam? It is difficult to remember all the facts and events if I read Online. Should I study only from books ? Please give some suggestions


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     Asad yar khan 

    Hello Deepak!

    Everybody wishes to have a better memory capacity like you. Especially students preparing for competitive examinations like you. Gaining memory power is all about practice. Do you remember, practice makes a man perfect?

    1. Carry a little diary with you every day and note down the information you think is hard to remember. Keep repeating it whenever you get time. You can also replace that diary with a paper, whatever you feel comfortable in. Great minds like Leonardo da Vinci practiced this habit all his life. There were other great men as well who practiced the same ritual. Hence, take notes of whatever you want to feed in your mind permanently.
    2. Keep revising as our mind tends to forget in the long run. Everyone knows for how long their minds could contain words or facts in it. It is up to you to decide how often do you want a revision.
    3. Practice quizzing, by engaging your friends or fellow students. The students who take part in quiz competitions and love quizzing are great at remembering information and dates.
    4. Drink more milk. Scientists asked 972 people to fill in detailed surveys on their diets and to complete eight thorough tests to check their concentration, memory and learning abilities. Adults who consume dairy products at least five or six times a week did far better in memory tests compared with those who rarely ate or drank them.
    5. Do some physical Exercises. Research shows people who exercise possess better memory than the ones who avoid it.
    6. Learn mnemonics. It is a study of techniques for remembering anything more easily. For instance, a ‘Knuckle mnemonic’ for the number of days in each month of the Gregorian Calendar. Each knuckle represents a 31-day month. Go to the link below for the picture to get a better idea of how this method can help you-


    1. You can also go for some brain exercises to improve memory. Dr. Morley, who wrote ‘The Science of Staying Young,’ gave an interview to everyday HEALTH. In it he recommended the following exercises to sharpen your mental skills:
    1. Let the music play. Learn to play a musical instrument or join a choir. Studies show that learning something new and complex over a longer period of time is ideal for the aging mind.
    2. Do math in your head. Figure out problems without the aid of pencil, paper, or computer; you can make this more difficult — and athletic — by walking at the same time.
    3. Take a cooking class. Learn how to cook a new cuisine. Cooking uses a number of senses: smell, touch, sight, and taste, which all involve different parts of the brain.
    4. Learn a foreign language. The listening and hearing involved stimulate the brain. What’s more, a rich vocabulary has been linked to a reduced risk for cognitive decline.
    5. Create word pictures. Visualize the spelling of a word in your head, then try and think of any other words that begin (or end) with the same two letters.
    6. Draw a map from memory. After returning home from visiting a new place, try to draw a map of the area; repeat this exercise each time you visit a new location.
    7. Challenge your taste buds. When eating, try to identify individual ingredients in your meal, including subtle herbs and spices.
    8. Refine your hand-eye abilities. Take up a new hobby that involves fine-motor skills, such as knitting, drawing, painting, assembling a puzzle, etc.
    9. Learn a new sport. Start doing an athletic exercise that utilizes both mind and body, such as yoga, golf, or tennis.
    1. It is said that if you love anything you show special interest in it and you to remember better.
    2. Believe in yourself and your memory. If you can’t believe in your capabilities, nothing will come out of it. Be positive. Be motivated.


    Don’t just try to remember an information, try to tell it to someone. Teach and tell someone anything you want to learn, and see the results. It will occupy a permanent space in your mind.


    If you can make memory improvement a passion then you surely will be able to sharpen it. I recommend you read a few good books on memory if you wish to get quick results-


    Super Memory – Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days by Harry Lorayne

    Ageless Memory: The Memory Expert’s Prescription for a Razor-Sharp Mind by Harry Lorayne

     The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young by Gary Small

    Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness by Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin

    How to Remember Names and Faces the Easy Way by Ron White


    The techniques mentioned in all the above-mentioned books are going to definitely help you out.


    Hope you will find it helpful!

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     priya arrora 

    You can only get succeed if you read new paper daily. If you are not doing so, please please start from today onward as it is around 3.5 months left for main exam. Most of the question will be from last 2–3 months Currents affairs before the exam. Beside this, you new a few books which i had mentioned below for Static GK and for Banking Awareness.

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     Akshay Kothari 


    Below are the preparation tips to crack General Awareness section in IBPS PO 2017 Exam:

    Prepare Frequently asked questions

    Check out the type of questions which are asked in this section in previous years. Like according to previous year question paper questions were asked about revisions in repo rate, reverse repo rate, world peace day, anti – cancer day and other commemorating days.

    Follow news channels

    News channels will give you latest updates about current affairs. This helps you in interview as well as in written exam. This can be your forte to be in top rankers list.

    Practice with Daily Quizzes

    You should appear in quizzes on a daily basis so that you are able to find out your weak and strong areas. Daily quizzes will help you to work upon weak areas.

    Make Notes for important date and Events

    After reading the important dates and events you can make notes and read them frequently so that it will be easy to revise at the time of exam.

    Best of Luck!

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     Riya Mehra 

    Hello Deepak. We have a perect solution for you. It is very easy to get the latest and most probale GK questions to be asked in Bank PO exams. Check from here to get the GK mock test and previous year question papers too. To get all section wise preparation tips and test series visit

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    Learn complete Banking Awareness section online for free
    Bank Exams like IBPS and Non-IBPS contains General Awareness section for marks 40-50. Generally Banking Awareness questions are covered from History of Banking to Banks Establishment Year etc..
    Topics for Banking awareness in IBPS PO/ Clerk
    History of Banking,
    Banking Terms,
    Banking Structure,
    Banking in India,
    Marketing of Banking Products,
    Functions of Banks,
    Financial Awareness,
    Banks and their taglines,
    Development banks,
    Committees related to Banking,
    Headquarters of Bank,
    Current Development in Indian Banking,
    International Financial Organizations,
    Some Banking News related,
    Apps launched by Banks,
    New schemes,
    Ceos of their Banks,
    Banks Establishment Years etc.
    Learn above topics for Bank exam PO/ Clerk MCQ questions and answers in fdaytalk for free in online 24/7.
    Info: bank related questions

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