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     Santosh Kumar 

    How to plan my daily routine for IIT-JEE???

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     Anirudh Jitani 

    The daily routine will differ from person to person based on how fast you can learn and grasp the concepts. It would be good to revise the topics taught in class and practice questions based on the topics taught on daily basis. You do not want to have a lot of things piled up. Study and practise questions consistently. It is also recommended to manage time to revise the older concepts.

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     Srinivasan S 

    Since IIT is an exam which takes place in day time so it is advisable to everyone to shift his/her study routine from night to day at least two weeks before the final day. This will make you equally active in day as you are during night / morning and on the final day it will be easier for you to concentrate as it will be more like a daily routine. This is particularly beneficial to the students who are used to study during day time.

    Start of the day. It’s really very hard to get out of bed in morning especially for studying. So, how to switch on your day? If you simply rely on the alarm of your clock, you might cheat yourself. You must have some external factor to help like you may ask your mother to awake you. Afterwards eat some very light stuff (usually dry fruits) and then sit to study for next two hours. Since during this time period your mind works quite well, it’s advisable to read theory or any tough topic. Take a break from the study for a formal breakfast. After breakfast sit and solve questions. At the noon take a break for bath and there after revise formulae / some important concepts from own notes. Then take lunch and afterwards a peaceful nap. Again wake up after 1 hour and get back to work for at-least 2-3 hours. Then at take an one and half hour break in which you can do some sort of physical exercise (like playing, exercise or just going out for a walk) then rest time for relaxing (or getting a second shower in summers). Then go back to study table and be there for 2-3 hours. Then do dinner and watch news. Then study for 2-3 hours again. Then spend 5-10 minutes to decide what subjects/topics to read next day and then go to bed.

    Further clarifications visit, http://www.kshitij-iitjee.com/study-routine-IIT

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     Shraddha Goel 

    Remind yourself every morning why you want to do this. Then wake up and freshen yourself up.
    Study new chapters/concepts in the morning.
    Practice practical questions in the afternoon.
    Revise what you studied the day before.

    Take as long breaks and pauses as you want. But remember 2 things: Concentrate when you study, even if it is for an hour. And do something productive or refreshing in your breaks instead of sticking to facebook and other social media.

    Continuous practice, revision, perseverance and relaxation is key to cracking any exam.

    Thank you.

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    I think what’s most important to achieve any long term goal, not just JEE, is to actually maintain an effective routine. You can schedule in hours and hours of work every day, but that would be ineffective if you end up burning yourself out. Slow, consistent improvement is preferable to hours of ineffective work.

    If you have trouble sticking to a schedule, I’d suggest that you start off slow. About half an hour a day would be fine. But make sure to increase that period consistently. Try to maintain half an hour a day for three days, then increases the study period to forty-five minutes a day. Then, after another three days, increase it to an hour, and so on…

    Get your priorities straight. Don’t try to fixate on a subject schedule because there will be times when you might feel an affinity towards one subject more than another. But try to allot some time for your weakest subject every day. Learn or practice something new every day. If you’re exhausted a particular day, do not skip studying altogether. Revise as much as you can by simply skimming through your notes. This may not help you retain much, but it will keep you from getting rusty, and changes the way you think.

    Since we’re talking about JEE, here’s an idea. Flick through the previous JEE question papers—you can find them easily enough these days—and pick a problem from the topics covered so far, and try to do it. Just one question a day. Try it without help from anyone. Then if you still can’t figure it out by the end of the day, take help. Ask your teacher, or your friends, or look at the solutions. This will drastically improve your problem solving skills. Apart from that, do the assignments your teachers give you, write and maintain meticulous notes in class and pay attention during class.

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     Vivek Mishra 

    Well, when it’s about IIT JEE everyone try to change everything just to ensure the selection. Then Daily Routine is one of the important key factor.


    Let me tell you that if you have joined any of the coaching then Daily Routine is not the problem, because your full day passes on just completing the homework and assignments.

    But if you are totally dependent on your self study, then it could be the deciding factor for your selection. As far as my experience says, you should not shift your study time towards night. If you are doing so, then you may find yourself detached from the world and any kind of mental pressure is a poison to your studies. Beside this, you must study with breaks like 2 hour study and 30 min break would be very refreshing. There are always some specific hours in a day when your efficiency is at its best, so quickly identify that time and put your best efforts. If you love social media then just close your accounts asap because once you have opened the account, you will lose many important hours.

    At the end, remember that it is a game of those 3 hours which matters the most. It doesn’t matter how you prepared, the only turning point is how you executed your efforts into action in those 3 hours.

    Best of luck!

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    JEE Advanced is such an exam which requires a lot of hard work and planning. So you will have to plan your days very meticulously to cover every topic.

    I suggest you start with topics which you are not good at. Many people have trouble studying and remembering equations in Organic Chemistry. If you allocate more time for topics that you are not good at and study those topics which you are good at later in the year, then you will be able to cover more syllabus as you approach the exam. Maintain study hours and plan ahead what you want to study in those hours. I advise you to sit and study for 3 hours straight as the main exam duration is 3 hours and it’ll help you in getting used to the exam timings because sitting for 3 hours can sometimes become tiresome. Before sleeping, plan your next day and decide which topic you want to read. As you approach the exam, allocate some time to solve previous years’ question papers and mock tests which will be really helpful in getting yourself accustomed to the exam timings.

    Don’t over do yourself by studying too much on any given day. Limit your study hours per day and do other things also. In a day if you only study, then chances are you will forget most of it as your mind becomes tired. Do other things, like going out for a walk, spending some time with your family, listening to music and so on. It will help you get rid of your fatigue.

    One more thing I would like to tell you is that you would not be writing only JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. You would also write other entrance exams like your state entrance exam, BITSAT and so on. To manage your time for all these subjects I suggest you take into consideration the dates of these exams and prepare accordingly, as you will have at least 2 weeks of preparation between each exam.

    Hope this post helped!


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    As you’re preparing for one of the most toughest exams of the world I assume you are clear about the determination and hard work it takes. A fixed discipline routine is always imperative. Plan your schedule revolving around the preparation. You can use various To-Do lists, break each task into realistic easy tasks, prioritize your tasks, set deadlines for yourself, be flexible keep track of your valuable hours. Always begin with a easy topic and then eventually proceed to the tough ones. Solving numericals in the night time is better as it requires you to do calculations and hence keeps you awake.

    If you want to go into further details about how you can make your preparation effective , read the book – Psychology of Success in IIT-JEE by Anuj Khare.

    All the best for your preparations.
    Thank you.

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