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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    Have a look at some of the DO?s and DONT?s of GATE and some simple tips to help you achieve success in GATE 2017.

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     Shraddha Goel 

    Here is a list of tips that you must go through to ace your GATE exam.

    1. Know the Exam pattern :
      • The GATE Exam is a single paper online examination of three hours, with 65 questions carrying a total of 100 marks.
      • The question paper will consist of both multiple choice questions and numerical answer type questions.
    2. Follow the GATE Syllabus : 
      • During your preparation, aim to complete the given syllabus rather than studying out of syllabus topics.
      • Since there are many subjects included in the syllabus, it is important that you should make a particular study plan to prepare each and every topic of syllabus.
    3. Read standard text books : 
      • Prepare atleast one standard text book for each subject in GATE syllabus.
      • Reading one book may not cover the complete syllabus. In such a scenario you must ensure that you are not relying on these text books completely.  To avoid this, it is a good practice to actively engage yourself through online platforms that provide resource material for your practice.
    4. Understand fundamentals and Practice quizzes: 
      • Initially, focus on understanding the concepts and later focus on mastering each topic through the practice tests.
      • For this purpose, you must aim at solving as many problems/quizzes as on regular basis and improve accuracy and performance in each test.
    5. Preparation Time and Strategy : 
      • Preparation depends on many individual factors such as aptitude, fundamentals, understanding level etc., typically, a rigorous preparation from 4 to 6 months is considered well enough for getting into IISc or IITs.
      • A topic by topic studying plan will help you understand each topic extensively, with enough practice.
    6. Make short revision notes : 
      • Once you have considerably gone ahead with your preparation, you can start reading all the chapters again and prepare short notes for all important topics.
      • These short notes can help you to recall entire preparation and useful for your last-minute revision.
    7. Recall all concepts and methods : 
      • After the preparation of complete syllabus, spend one month before the exam to recall all concepts, formulas, methods and examples.
      • Remember the definitions, important points and formulas during the revision.
      • Always remember to get your basic concepts clear, it will help you to crack even tough questions.
    8. Test your abilities : 
      • In order to maximize your chances to get a good performance score, you need to minimize the time you spend during reading, understanding and solving for each question in the exam.
      • Many of GATE questions can be answered with reading and understanding. So final goal is to improve your time to solve each question.
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