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     Rashmi Aggarwal 

    I have done graduation this year. Please tell me the ways of how I can improve my profile for MBA admissions.

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     Nidhi Rastogi 

    Hey Rashmi, thanks for sharing the information. By the way I found this one interesting too.

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     Shraddha Goel 

    Profile for MBA admissions becomes interesting if:

    1. You do at least 4-5 internships during your graduation relating to business and management.
    2. You do some social work so that the panel sees you are a giver and are concerned about the society.
    3. You do some online courses to expand your knowledge base.
    4. Do well in the entrances, of course!
    5. Have a shining and appealing personality as that is what actually gets you in an IIM, FMS or whichever institution you opt for. 🙂
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     Olivia Das 


    After scoring very good in GMAT/CAT, The first and foremost thing to do is- to improve your personality!!

    personality is what the interviewers look at and your 40% interview is already done!

    Secondly, experience in work- You should have done internships or worked somewhere.

    Thirdly, extra curricular activity! Many think this is not important and all. But, having an excellent background in say- you have played nationals in badminton.You have a great chance. I have seen people with 60% marks in 10th getting into fms!

    You can always improve your profile. Just have the zeal!

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     Amit Kumar 

    Typically the question comes from freshers i.e.folks who have just graduated from Engineering  (B.E), B.Com., B.Sc. and many other streams. But quite a few students who haven’t even completed their basic graduation are also anxious to know how to make their profile irresistible to many of their dream schools.

    But the answer is not that straight forward, there is no magic formula for creating a perfect profile for B-Schools. Although there are a set of parameters that these schools look into. I have listed below few of them for your understanding:

    (1)  Improve Your GMAT Score!

    (2)  Join a Professional Organization

    (3)  Volunteer with a Nonprofit

    (4)  Take Extension School Courses

    (5)  Take on responsibilities that your peers can’t or won’t

    (6)  Have a life outside work

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    Here are some of the top ways to improve the B-school profile:
    1. Learn a new language to improve communication skills
    2. Work in a startup to gain better perspective of work aspects
    3. Contribute towards the society through your experience and skills
    4. Signup for online courses
    5. Keep in touch with the Alma-mater and try contributing towards it
    6. Discover more about financing and its related aspects
    7. Keep attending the conferences in regard to your specialization
    8. Opt for an ambitious project

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