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     Amit Kumar 

    How to improve my vocabulary and spoken English? I know the basics, but kind of struggle using good words. Please suggest me someways to improve.


    Thank you

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     Anirudh Jitani 

    Read as much as you can, be it books, novels, articles, anything. Watch movies, news. Try to converse in English as much as you can.

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     Piyush Rai 

    Well whatever Anirudh said is totally valid, but I understand its not as easy as it sounds to follow these things. Even I suffered from the same in my earlier days. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis is brilliant book that helps you build a strong vocab. I would suggest you to buy this book and keep reading it again.

    The book does not forces you to memorize any word, it explains the origin and history behind the word and hence making it easier to remember the words.

    Buy it at:

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     Swarang Saxena 

    Hi Amit, you want to improve your vocabulary and spoken English. You also said that you know basics. Yes, I agreed with you both Anirudh and Piyush. Also, you can do spoken English classes in your nearest coaching center. Nowadays there are so many coaching centers available and you have to choose one among them which is suitable for you. I was also facing this type of problem but after visiting The English Lingua, I improved myself. Thanks a lot.Hope our suggestions help you for your improvement.

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     Shraddha Goel 

    You only need two things to improve your vocabulary and spoken english: your smartphone and a newspaper.

    Find 10-20 new words everyday from the newspaper, look up their meanings in your phone’s dictionary along with examples (Merriam Webster is by far the best). Listen to podcasts in your smartphone because spoken english requires that you listen well too. Listen to english podcasts and  then speak by recording your voice in the voice memo/recorder.

    Practise this for a week and you’ll become habitual of doing this and see improvement consequently.

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     Olivia Das 

    For verbal ability:


    • Best book for Vocabulary- Word Power Made Easy, Norman Lewis
    • Best book for practicing verbal ability (MBA)- How to prepare for verbal ability and reading comprehension.(preferably 7th edition )
    • For normal job purposes (easier than CAT level)- Verbal and non-verbal Reasoning by R.S. Agarwala.

    Apart from the above mentioned books, you have to read any good newspaper(eg-The Economist or Hindu) daily. Mark the words that you don’t understand and memorize there meanings! This would help a lot!

    If you are not from a English medium background then start reading easier newspapers( The times of india etc.) And then gradually move towards the tougher ones as i mentioned above.

    At the beginning it might be difficult but meanwhile it would be like a cake-walk!

    For spoken English, you HAVE to participate in debate, extempore, GDs, i think this would help you. Else you can join some personality development classes for better results 🙂


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    It is not a big issue and it is not something for what you should be ashamed of . Just think yourself as a beginner and always starve to learn something new and new. The more you have passion of learning English, the fast you can learn. There are some steps that will surely help you to improve our English.

    (i) Always try to communicate with others in English. Never mind ,What others will think or whether you are speaking correct or not.

    (ii) Start watching English serials/series/Movies along with their subtitles. So that you can understand .Not only this try to use their dialogues in your day to day life.

    (iii) Reading novels, newspapers,articles is also a way to improve your  English. Always make a note of vocabulary and try to use that in your conversation.

    (iv) Apart from this, start to learn grammar  and try to improve your grammatical errors day by day.

    (v) You must have heard , AS YOU LABOUR , SO THE PAY. So,ultimately it’s all on you.

    One more thing, Start learning a new thing is easy and fascinating but to reach till end become more and more challenging.Many people lose their hope in mid-way. Always make a note”He who begins and does not finish loses his labour”.

    Have Patience and be laborious.This is the key for learning not only English but anything.

    P.s. – Some video tutorials are also available on “” site. Go and take a look.

    All the very best

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