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     sristhi Arya 

    How to develop good online profile to get desired internship????

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     Radhika Tanika 

    Hey Sristhi,

    LinkedIn is one of the best place to make your professional online account. It allows you to showcase your talent and get endorsed from experts in the same field. Add your certifications, work experiences and other details that makes you stand out from others. Hope this helps you to get started!!

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     Aniket Rege 

    Hey Sristhi,

    As one answer stated above, LinkedIn is a wonderful place to help grow your professional network. It can help you:

    • Make connections with experienced industry professionals who have done and seen it all
    • Observe the career path of young and promising freshers and see what kind of projects and work they did to get where they are
    • Read a plethora of interesting articles about new technologies and how professionals observe the technological and financial world
    • Get discovered by HR personnel and recruiters
    • Get endorsements and recommendations from your peers to help build professional credibility
    • It can be used as a resume for any and all applications, such as internships and volunteer work
    • Personally place an emphasis on professional networking over social
    • Increase your knowledge with exposure to people with technical brilliance and wonderfully written articles

    Along with this, there are many portals to make your own portfolio, where you can actually exhibit your work. LinkedIn is more of a list of the work or projects you have done. Some important other examples include:

    1. GitHub: this is THE portal for any and all computer science related projects. GitHub is an open source repository hosting service created by Linus Torvalds, also the creator of the Linux operating system. It is an excellent system for collaboration with your peers, and many recruiters in IT companies place high emphasis on GitHub profiles
    2. Tumblr and Coroflot: These websites are excellent for any and all art and design related work. One can upload one’s portfolio, and observe the work other young artists are doing and uploading. It offers an excellent chance to network and learn

    Hope this helped! Cheers

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     Olivia Das 


    I would recommend INTERSHALA and LinkedIn for internship .

    They build a profile for you and rate it using the merits and qualifications you have entered. Keep adding new qualifications and experiences.!

    Soon you will have  a nice company recruiting you for internship 🙂

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     Shraddha Goel 

    You can build an online profile by considering Internshala, Twenty19 and LinkedIn to take lessons on creating the best kind of profile.

    Your online profile must contain relevant information, educational qualifications, achievements and projects worked upon of the recent years i.e. of last 3-4 years and not prior to that because latest work experience and abilities count.

    Keep taking up online courses relevant to your field so that your horizons are widened to build a good portfolio.

    Take part in college  activities too to add up more information.

    Always use formal english language while putting your information and also in precise manner.

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