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    I am only in 10th std and have dream of cracking iit. I have time for preparing for it. How will I prepare for it?

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    Hello Lalit

    IIT is really a tough exam to crack on. Based on your request I have mentioned some tips mentioned by the ranker Sankalp:


    Find a mentor in your close circle. It can be your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, class teacher – anyone. You need to be motivated throughout these 2 years

    Do not lose vision and focus of your Goal!


    On the JEE Exam day, follow your test taking strategy – Sankalp’s strategy was to attempt Chemistry first as it was a tough subject for him (owing to the vast syllabus) and he solved Physics and Maths after Chemistry.



    Friends can be a distraction. Choose wisely whom you want to be friends with over these 2 years.


    Take breaks between studies. Play your favorite sports to keep yourself fit and rejuvenated.

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    Hi Lalit

    It is very nice that you want to be an engineer and moreover first in your family. It is quite appreciating. Getting into IIT, one of the prominent institutes of India, is like setting a milestone. Although it is not something like cake walk. You have to have work hard. You are only in 10th std. As soon as your 10th board exam get over, Focus on your 11-12th std. Don’t waste time in enjoying post exam time.Yeah..enjoy little.. But first find correct guidelines . Don’t run behind rush.It may be possible that you can understand syllabus from somewhere that is not popular.

    The most important above all this is time for Self study. The more you get time for self study, the more concept will get clear.

    In my opinion , It is not necessary to visit Kota, Delhi, or expensive coaching institutes. Visit that coaching where you are free to ask questions and understand concepts.Set your time and utilize it in a wise way,

    All the very best

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