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    Hello kishore

    To become a geologist you need to have the masters degree in this field by which which can proceed in further in achieving your target.A geologist is a scientist who studies the physical attributes of the earth such as the structure and the chemical composition of the rocks and the other things present in and around us. These professionals specifically focus on the materials, processes and history of Earth such as its evolution and working. Some geologists may specialize in stratified rock or minerals and their uses to the people. In general, geologists will collect samples and conduct surveys around the different parts of the world. After running and analyzing lab tests on these samples, they will combine their findings with information from other resources they have got to known and which are available to them. Geologists will also report their findings in scientific articles and present them to other members which will help them in proceeding the next work further on

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     Rakesh varma 


    I have a target of becoming a geologist as I’m very much interested in the study of the mother earth. I really need to know some things before I could move ahead with my decision. I need to know the steps and the procedure which is to be carried out to become a geologist. what are the courses to be done and how much time it will take and what are the necessary actions that must be taken in order to reach my goal efficiently. So anyone could provide me answer to my doubts

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