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     Rakesh varma 

    Hello team

    I need some details regarding how to be a gynecologist as i m so much interestedin entering into this field but has no knowledge of how to becoming in this. so anyone could kindly guide me to how to proceed on with the education and can hadle this. what are the degree required to enter into this field. I would be grateful for the one who will provide me woth the current details

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    hi raghu
    this is great that you have chosen this type of path to proceed ahead in your career.A physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) focuses on female sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy, and delivery. While many recognize OB/GYNs as the physicians who deliver newborns or perform gynecological exams, OB/GYNs also perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, from Cesarean sections to uterine fibroid resection. In addition, obstetrics and gynecology is one of the primary medical specialties to provide family planning services.

    As with many other specialties in medicine, OB/GYNs can practice in a wide variety of settings, ranging from smaller outpatient clinics to large teaching hospitals and academic medical centers. Thus, the percentage of time spent in clinic versus the operating room also varies according to the OB/GYN’s particular choice of practice setting.

    For a given OB/GYN, the particular work schedule can also vary based on the medical focus and/or subspecialty training. For example, OB/GYNs who elect to remain actively involved in labor and delivery may find themselves taking a large amount of overnight call and working unpredictable hours, given the nature of pregnancy. As another example, OB/GYNs who have chosen to subspecialize in gynecologic oncology will typically find themselves spending the majority of their time in the OR as opposed to the clinic, but will often work more predictable hours.

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