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    How to achieve best rank in JEE Advanced Exam

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     Asad yar Khan 
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    Hi Rahul!
    If you want to get a good rank in JEE Advanced Exam, what better than getting advice from toppers of the past.
    Here is a compilation of what they did to top the exams!
    • Maintain consistency in studies by giving equal weightage to all 3 subjects -Physics, Chemistry & Maths.
    • Be regular with your studies at school and home. It will help you to clear subject fundamentals.
    • Regular studies and stay focused are two important aspects of success. Be very focused.
    • Your goal should be very clear and you must work hard towards it.
    • Aspirants should try not to waste time as time management is very important at this stage.
    • Revise whatever is taught. I studied for eight hours daily besides attending coaching classes.
    • Put all your energy and hard work in cracking this exam. Handle stress and pressure from studies very calmly.
    • Dedicate 4 to 5 hours a day for the preparation of IIT-JEE. But take out time for your other extra-curricular activities too. It would help you in overcoming distress.
    • Also, don’t focus on getting a good rank. Targets sometimes make you stressed and it is difficult to concentrate on studies.
    • Managing time well is very important.
    • Also, one should not take the stress. Do not leave any topic.
    • Cover all the extra topics that you think would not be a part of the exam.
    Hope that helps!
    Best of Luck!
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    If you want a good rank in JEE advanced then you need to read this article which provides a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for the exam along with best reference book suggestions. Link:

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     Aakash Saxena 
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    If you are preparing for the JEE Advanced Exam, you can take some help from the given tips and Tricks –

    Student must give equal weightage to all the subjects, remember the quality matters but not the quantity

    Take short breaks while studying

    You must refer fewer books for Exam preparation, choosing lot of books create lots of confusion. It is advised to avoid the study material with same concepts repeated

    Try to solve the questions with your own, do not directly look over the solution without trying from self. Use short cuts to solve questions to save your precious time

    Practice JEE level questions to improve your skills, check out the more details related to the JEE Advanced Counselling from here

    At least one mock test is necessary to solve per week. Read instructions carefully in the examinations before attempting the paper.


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