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    Anam Kidwai Anam Kidwai 
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    The key factors which will help you do well in your GD (Group discussion) and Personal Interview (PI) after clearing the CAT exam are:

    – a thorough awareness of what is going on in the world around you,

    -the ability to express your views clearly

    -a high level of confidence, and

    -the ability to perform under pressure.

    GDs are an important part of the selection process of a number of B-schools across the country. This is a tool to test a candidate’s communication skills, leadership skills, team skills, spontaneity and thinking process.

    Effective tips for GD preparation:

    • If you are an avid reader, you will have an advantage in the GD and PI conducted by IIMs. In case you do not read regularly, this is one habit you should pick up as soon as possible.
    • Develop an interest in current affairs. Make sure you are well aware of what’s going on at local, national and international levels. The topics given in group discussions usually relate to political events, currents affairs, issues affecting the country and important occurrences (national as well as international).

    Tips to do well at the GD:

    • The sooner you decide on which side of the argument you would like to be on, the better. Try to be among those who initiate the discussion. If you keep waiting for your turn to speak, you may never really get a chance to express your views.
    • Speak firmly but make sure you don’t sound rude or intimidating to other speakers.
    • A positive body language is a must.
    • Stick to the topic. Short and crisp answers are better than long and vague ones.
    • Maintain eye contact with the rest of the group.


    Personal Interview

    The interviewers are looking for candidates who have the potential to become leaders of tomorrow. They will judge you on the basis of your personality, aptitude and attitude. Three things which the interviewers generally look for in the aspirants are communications skills, technical skills and conceptual skills.

    Effective tips to prepare for the PI:

    • Perhaps the most useful trick to do well in an interview is practice. Visualize the bare details of how you think the interview will unfold. Take into consideration the various scenarios and the various ways to deal with the questions you may have to face.
    • Make a list of the common questions asked in PI rounds and prepare the answers well in advance.
    • Be absolutely clear about your aspirations. When the interviewers ask you “why MBA”, make sure you give them an honest and convincing answer.
    • Work on the following areas for your PI:


    -Subjects you had in under-graduation

    -Your work experience (if any)

    -General knowledge and awareness

    -Questions based on your application


    Tips to help you ace your PI:

    • Confidence is the key! Do not get intimidated when the interviewers begin cross questioning you. If you really believe in your opinion or are sure that the answer you are giving is correct, stick to it despite all the grilling.
    • Be honest. Giving false information or answers which you yourself aren’t convinced with, will do you more harm than good. Be well prepared with arguments in order to justify your views and opinions.
    • Try to steer the conversation towards the areas you are familiar with rather than speaking about things you don’t know much about.

    Hope that helps!


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    Vishesh Saraswat Vishesh Saraswat 
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    I am preparing for CAT and other MBA exams. I have joined a coaching institute for preparation. I study 6 hours daily and my preparation is on the right track. My main concern is the Group Discussion and Personal Interviews. I am a bit nervous about GD and PI. How can I effectively prepare for the interviews ? Please guide me.


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