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     Amit Kumar 

    How should I prepare for an Interview? Plz give me some tips. What are the main things that I need to be sure about?

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     Anirudh Jitani 

    The most important factor in an interview is your confidence. You should be confident about what you say and you must sound enthusiastic. If you don’t know about a topic that the interviewer is asking, tell the interviewer rather than wasting your time answering something wrongly. The interviewer has limited time to judge you, it all depends how well you can sell yourself to the interviewer in that time frame. Always have a positive attitude and show the interviewer that you are there to learn and willing to make efforts to get things done.

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     Piyush Rai 

    Well Anirudh has summed up all the points more or less. You can also check out PrepLift . These guys have done  a lot of research on various companies interview rounds, which will provide you a better insight  of what’s going to happen in the interview room and hence boost your confidence.

    Best of luck.!

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     Karan Pathak 

    To begin with, Your resume is the interviewers window to your personal, academic and  interpersonal information. So know your resume first.

    Know the JOB description well, as it would give you better information on the requirement of Job and kind of candidate that they are looking for, so to be that candidate know what they need.

    Learn to communicate and not just talk, there is a huge difference between communicating and just talking. So if you could explain and communicate the knowledge that you have. you will surely make it.

    Have confidence, its Okay to make mistakes, and if you do not know something, accept it and let them know, i can learn and learn it better.

    Research about the firm, it shows your interest to join them and be one of them.Plus it gives a good impression and shows you are prepared.

    Remember they are not looking for a technical expert, they are looking for an employable, reliable , responsible and dedicated  person whom they can turn into an employee.

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     Career Breeder 

    Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience, from painstakingly recording every qualification to drafting the perfect cover letter. But even more challenging is the interview itself. Questions about salary and past job mistakes is enough to make even the most hardened job-seeker nervous. In order to impress the Interviewer one must be armed with right information.


    • Do Your Homework: Candidates with company knowledge shows a potential employer that you will go the extra mile and are genuinely interested.
    • Do Smile: Smiling during the interview increases likability and brings positive energy flowing across. Be friendly and professional. Smile often where appropriate during the interview.
    • Do Arrive to the Interview Early: This shows that you are serious about your work. If you can’t make it to your interview on time, it shows a potential employer that you are not reliable.
    • Do Offer A Firm Handshake: It shows that you are confident, enthusiastic and positive. Offer a firm handshake, but avoid aggression.


    • Don’t Dress Casually: It might suggest a casual attitude about the job. Even if office dress is casual, dress in business attire for an interview.
    • Don’t Violate the Interviewer’s Personal Space: Chances are that he might remember feeling uncomfortable in you presence, if their personal space is violated.
    • Don’t Mistreat the Support Staff: Once you arrive the interview location, treat everyone present with equal respect. Be as courteous with support staff as with your interviewer.
    • Don’t Stand out for the Wrong Reasons: Avoid putting too much makeup, cologne, jewelry or flamboyant colors. This might be distracting. The goal is to look professional and confident, not over-the-top.


    Hope this helps. For more details get in touch with us at: CareerBreeder.com

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