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    Hello Anusha

    You have a great future plan to go ahead with and you must work with real hard to proceed and succeed in your target. coming to your query regarding how much years to answer this I would like to mention that it take four years to complete medical school and later which should be followed by three years to complete a general pediatrics residency in the nearby college which will give you an additional knowledge and work on with the real problems which will surely helpful in achieving your goal. Pediatricians whose postgraduate training combines pediatrics with another medical specialty will spend an additional two years in their residency.So going through all these you will be able to reach your target comfortably but just remember that no matter how many obstacles will come in your way you need to work on your target and must not rest  until your dream come true. I wish all the best in your career and you must work with real hard work by which you will be successful in your career

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     Rakesh varma 

    Hello members

    I’m Anusha from Delhi. I have a target of becoming a pediatrician since from the childhood. As the age between 18-21 is very much important in our lives there are several scopes of getting effected by the external agents at that time. So being very very cautious is very important during this period. curing people and counselling them has a greater importance. I have set my aim of becoming a pediatrician but has no idea regarding this course or how many years it will take to achieve my target. so anyone would kindly guide me in achieving my target

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