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    Being from a technical background and not having that much of a management experience, I was wondering if I would be able to switch to the management profile easily without doing an MBA.

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     Pulkit Sharma 
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    Hi Ananth,

    Switching from a technical background to a management profile takes a lot of hard work. Marketing field is totally different from doing technical things. Technical experience doest not play much role in management field. So to get into the management profile it would be benifitial if you have a MBA degree which will not only improve your managing skills but will also provide many job options.


    Thank you!!


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     Shraddha Goel 
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    Being from a technical background, you can actually put in effort in pursuing a degree/diploma in management from a private university. If not, you must know that there are many organisations, usually the small ones, that hire any person without a formal education in management to become their managers. This is because managers have an inherent management abilities. If you possess them already you can apply for the post in small organisations. Later you can pursue a diploma too. 🙂

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     Olivia Das 
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    Not doing MBA and doing managerial jobs would be tough but possible.

    You could do a simple(not-so-costly/known) mba and become a manager in whatever technical firm you work in already.

    If you dont want to do mba at all, you could do managerial jobs in small firms, and gain the managerial rank in your CV, then you could apply for bigger firms!

    Thank you! 🙂

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