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    Hi, I am Harshit from New Delhi. I have done graduation with 73 per cent. Presently, I am preparing for CAT 2017. How do I improve reading speed for CAT exam ? Give some tips and suggestions.


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     Asad yar Khan 
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    Hi Harshit!

    Here are some easy steps to follow for improving your reading speed for CAT 2017

    Reading Comprehension (RC) comprises 40-50 % of the Verbal Ability section, 4 passages, and 16 questions. Four questions per passage. It is one of the main and important scoring sections of the exam. Gaining speed in reading is easy, provided you regularly read for half an hour or more.

    For quick answering, your reading speed seriously needs to be fast during the exam. Therefore, to score better in your exam, I will share with you some ‘easy as pie’ steps to improve your reading speed.

    Step no. 1-

    Read the text quickly without being attached to the details-

    Preview the text you’re about to read before reading. Give yourself an idea of what is important to you in that text. Go through the table of contents, and the first and last lines of paragraphs, to get an idea of the structure of the book. It is done to skip the unimportant details and elaborate descriptions. Focus on the main ideas or information.

    Step no. 2-

    Don’t try to read fast but try to gain control of your reading speed. Set an alarm on your to keep a watch. Try to maintain your speed. Watch for audiobooks with text on Youtube to know when to read fast and when to slow down. Try to read carefully. To regulate your speed use a pointer. It can be a finger or a pen or a pencil, whichever suits you.  It can act a scroll bar through the text you’re reading. This way, eye, lip and brain coordination improve.

    Step no. 3-

    Avoid reading in mind or speaking the words in mind while reading. It reducing the reading speed. According to a study, another way to do it is by listening to music while reading. A soothing background music which attracts little attention can help you improve your concentration. Try to focus on typical vocabulary. Use an audio dictionary.

    Step no. 4. Read in a proper environment: Choose a place which gives you the most comfort while reading. Make sure your reading place isn’t noisy, unorganized or clumsy as these will distract your reading process. Choose a place with minimum distractions to maximize attention and concentration. Choice of place to read also depends on the kind of text you’re reading. If you’re reading something serious you may want to sit upright at a desk, so you’re actively reading. If you’re reading for leisure, which doesn’t require a lot of attention, you may choose a cozy place, where you can lay back and read.

    At first choose a place which gives you the most comfort while reading, then practice it where you find it hard to read. Choosing a place for this purpose also depends on the kind of text you’re reading, easy or hard. If it is hard, try to sit upright to read actively. Don’t lay back and read. It will only hider your reading speed.

    You have to be patient and consistent. After regular practice, your reading speed will definitely increase.

    Best of luck for the exam!

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