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     Vishesh Saraswat 

    Hi, my name is Mehgna. I am preparing for JEE 2018. I have joined Akash Institute and have purchased Bansal study materials. I have solved questions from many physics books.These days I am solving H.C Verma book. How can I effectively solve the book ?

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     Asad yar Khan 

    Hi Megna,

    Perhaps you want to know how to use this book for JEE preparation? Afterall many students who cleared JEE found it to be really helpful.

    How to use this book to crack the JEE, in a step by step manner:

    Don’t read it in a random manner. Read from the first chapter. Take your time in carefully going through the chapter. Go through the examples first. In case you face conceptual misunderstanding revise the concepts again. Only after finishing the examples answer the question section-wise.

    Solve the problems one by one, in a section, i.e. don’t try to solve problem number 10 without solving problems 1 to 9.
    In the end, you will be conceptually strong at that chapter.

    A common problem with some students is that they follow multiple books in parallel, ending up in confusion.

    Follow only one book at a time. And only after completing a topic in book 1, study the same topic in book 2.

    Hope that helps!


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     rahul sharma 


    If you are preparing for JEE Chemistry.

    You must note the following tips & tricks for various chemistry fields

    The JEE Advanced Date 2018 is out.

    Physical Chemistry-

    • You need to have a command on numerical and formulas related to Solution and Electro chemistry
    • Have a clear approach over Thermodynamics
    • Practice Numerical more & more from Sample papers or previous year papers
    • Get inside the Atomic Structure and grasp all the knowledge about it

    InOrganic Chemistry

    • Periodic Table is must
    • Do not skip Transitive & Intransitive Elements
    • Learn about All the metal nonmetals metalloids. Have a complete Knowledge on Atomic No,Atomic mass,Their Position,Size,and all physical & Chemical properties
    • Electronic & magnetic properties of molecular & non molecular solids.

    Organic Chemistry

    • You must know about the reaction mechanism
    • Follow all the rules in stereo chemistry and shape & structure of compounds ,Naming reactions and Reagents etc…
    • Alcohols, Ether,Phenol’s are the important topics

    Learn by heart all the Naming reactions,Substitution and elimination reactions.

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