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     Deepak Kumar 
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    I am preparing for IAS exam for 2 years. I am good in Current Affairs, Polity and Geography. my main weakness is English. Please tell me how do I  improve my English grammar and vocabulary.

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     Anam Kidwai 
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    In order to learn any language, you need to have a three-way approach which includes listening, reading and writing. Be patient because it may take some time before you can read or write English effortlessly. If you haven’t been doing so already, make sure you read an English daily every day. Read magazines and novels. Whenever you come across a new word, look up its meaning. Learn at least 5 new words every day.

    Practice your writing skills every day. You may keep a diary, start a blog or solve questions from the question papers of previous years.

    Watch English news channels, documentaries, movies, TV series etc.

    There are a number of mobile apps to help you practice your reading skills, writing skills and vocabulary. Do a little research in order to find a suitable app to help you improve your English.

    Aim at learning to be able to express your feelings and ideas in suitable and simple words instead of using very decorative language. Regular practice and a little confidence is all you need. All the best!

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