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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Aditya!

    It is very inspiring to see that you are ready to take up this challenge!

    Reading and writing extensively is a very good way to improve your English. However, there are many other small methods of learning you can incorporate into your daily life.

    • Surround yourself in an all English speaking environment. The best way to learn any language is through speaking.
    •  Do not be afraid to make mistakes. The only way someone can correct your English is if they can catch your mistakes as they hear them. This is a great way to enhance your speaking.
    • Watch DVD’s rather than TV as it is more helpful to hear the sentences repeated over and over again.
    • Read graded readers. These books are especially written for learners. Read a whole novel! You can do this!
    • Do not shy away from starting a conversation in English as this is a great way to pick up new words and vocabulary.
    • As and when you hear or read new words, get into the habit of looking into the meaning of said words. When you do, find and understand the meanings of these words, try to make atleast 3 meaningful sentences using these words.
    • Don’t translate into English from your own language. Think in English to improve your fluency!
    • The best way to improve your grammar is again, through speaking.
    • If you feel nervous when speaking, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Remind yourself that this is all a part of the learning process.
    • You are never too young or too old to start learning English! Perhaps you could enroll yourself in a class where you can study the basics of the language with the help of a teacher. Don’t give up! Stay positive! Sometimes you will feel that you aren’t learning quickly enough. Everyone feels like this, don’t worry about it. You’ll get there in the end!

    I hope this was of some help to you. I wish you good luck on your journey to learn and all your future endeavors!

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     Matthew Wolf 

    Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    I am a Hindi medium student. I want to speak better English for this I try to read and write a lot, but still struggling with it. Please tell me how can I communicate better.

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     Anupriya Shukla 

    You have to follow up on some really easy steps to improve your English writing and speaking. But, make sure you do the exercises regularly so as to keep in touch with the language.

    • Talk to people in English even if you aren’t perfect at the language. Hesitating is never an option. Try to build up confidence when you speak English. That will help you fetch a lot of feedbacks from people and in turn help in improving the language.
    • Get hold of ‘Wren and Martin’. It is a grammar book and trust me it is the Bible of English grammar. You got to start from the very beginning to get the most out of the book. Study the lessons and then carry out every exercise.
    • You can also look up to online tutorials for English beginners. That is of great help.
    • When you start framing sentences and you aren’t sure about their grammatical purity, then you can simply type the text on grammarly. ‘Grammarly’ is an app that you will get on computers or PC. It is found in the chrome extension. It will point out all your grammatical errors and that’s how you will know what’s right and what’s wrong.
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     Rashim Bagga 


    I hope these tips help you.

    • Start conversing in English. Don’t worry about making mistakes. If you think you mispronounced a word or made a grammatical mistake, take note of it. Go through these errors and try to get hold of the corrections  and incorporate the corrected versions.
    • Listen to songs, watch movies, and listen audio books to get a hang of the accent. Its equally important to hear a particular language to get comfortable with the inflections
    • Start reading books and everytime you see an unfamiliar word, look it up. This will help you to improve your vocabulary.
    • Write a paragraph or two everyday on a random topic and if possible get someone to proofread it. Ask them to help you with grammar, fluency and structuring. Also read that passage out loud and record it. Listen to your recording to find errors.

    best of luck!

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     Shivam Sharma 

    Now learning and speaking English is no longer a dispute with edugorilla. We will provide you with all the study material starting from the bottom. We honor your dedication towards English and we will be providing you with the downloadable content that will be regarding your course. Our extensive network is now in 45+ cities so , location won’t be an issue anymore.
    “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
    Being refined from the Hindi – medium school you keep a desire to go ahead and its our responsibility to enhance you.

    Now heading towards your question. Every little thing involves a communication.
    “Wise men speak because they have something to say “. When the student is ready , the teacher appears.
    Firstly, kick off with a novel and a dictionary in hand. Write down the difficult words to the notebook and find their meanings . Do follow this procedure and read ten pages daily.
    Secondly, you are eloquent in Hindi this is because when you speak in Hindi you think in Hindi too , try Think in English and execute in English. You will see the changes yourself.
    Thirdly, Don;t use difficult words while speaking keep it simple and this will let you gain confidence.
    Talking to the family in English and friends will also add bonus to your run. Deliberately you will develop interest.
    Finishing you can learn 10-15 new words daily and implement those in the communication. We trust you and you will be a great speaker.
    Regards Edugorilla


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    Hey once i was also a Hindi medium student and at first when i changed my medium i struggled a lot and at that time communicating in English was a day dream so i can feel your mind situation.

    Speaking English and writing or understanding English are two different  things but correlated to each other so you cannot skip either part.

    As you have said that you read and write a lot so there is no point in recommending any extra reading and writing .

    There are few things which can help you to improve your communication:-

    1.First of all speaking in English or  any  other language is matter of confidence and if you have it  you can make it.So be confident whenever you communicate in English.Yes you will make mistakes in starting for few weeks or months but these mistakes will lead you to success.

    2.Try to speak in English in front of mirror and every time tell yourself that yes i am improving and this is a battle which  i have to win.For few days make speaking in English your  prime target.

    3.While communicating in English refrain yourself from using complicated vocabulary.Once you make yourself comfortable after enough time you can use complicated vocabulary.

    4.For speaking in English normally there are five hundred words which are used again and again so i will again say that it is a matter of confidence.

    5.Since you have said that you read and write a lot in English so i assume that you have sufficient knowledge of English grammar.So speak simple sentences with almost correct grammar with confidence.

    Thank you for your question and all the best for you English speaking.

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    I do not know if you can freely communicate with the people around you in English. If you can, that’s splendid! Converse with those people in English.

    Even if that’s not the case, don’t worry. If you have trouble reading and writing, I’d suggest you first try watching English movies, TV shows, news, etc. Watch a lot of them. Pay attention to the dialogue and the things people say. I’ve found that it is the fastest way to improve English. I have watched it happen with many of my friends.

    Also, try studying a bit of grammar. Apply it to the things you hear in media. You’ll begin to notice the reasoning, and your understanding of the language will improve. I have often found it to be counterproductive to spend a lot of time on grammar without any time for immersion. As others have said, think in English. Run an internal monologue of everything you do, in English. Try being creative, dramatic or funny.

    Writing and Vocabulary. For increasing your vocabulary, the fastest and most effective way is to read a lot. Read whatever you want. News, novels, short stories, Facebook, Reddit. Whatever that crosses your mind. You’re sure to run into new words. Look each of them up. Use Google or a dictionary. For writing, practice. Write whatever you want to write, but add constraints. Restrain yourself from using the same words repeatedly. Things like that.

    I hope this helps you 🙂

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    English is our second language and it is a known fact that in order to improve in  any language, one should strive hard. I appreciate you for the effort you have taken and hope that you will continue this toil until you reach your goal. all the best.

    Language is a medium to communicate and that is no big deal. Anyone who can give it a try with whole heart will win the game. Feel free to make mistakes. If one is afraid to make mistakes, none will learn anything. Anyone who speaks English fluently in front of you, has gone through mistakes. Take up all the courage you have and just go speak in English to others. Don’t care if they mock you, that is how this game works. One day you will speak fluently with better collection of words and ask for what those people did.

    I have gone through the other responses written before me. well, one thing I can suggest is that think in English language. We always have our thoughts go in mother language, but try to do that in English. Make it a part of your daily routine that you will speak at least ten sentences about a subject in English, let that subject be anything, not necessary that it is an international topic that you need to google for informations.  Don’t care if you have/not have a listener. Record that speech and review it yourself. Bring differences. Watching English movies that have english subtitles can improve your pronunciation as well as you will get hold of new words easily.

    English is a language like any other language, which you could improve only by listening and speaking. With your query, I was able to assume that you are a master in reading and writing in English. Its just the listening and speaking that you have to work now. All these four are in fact related.

    Have the courage to make mistakes and be prudent enough to learn from it. Good luck.


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    Hello aditya I understand where you are coming from.Honestly ill tell you about how I improved my own English over time, just by consuming content in the language I wanted to learn.Watch English movies with subtitles, read English magazines and papers,if you don’t understand something look it up.Listen to English songs, English audio books. You will see that slowly and steady you will start to improve.You should also try to surround yourself with people who can speak good English. But the important thing is to not to stop.Obviously you may struggle in the starting but believe me you will improve.Best of luck :).

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    To improve English, start communicating only in English with everyone you meet including your family members, irrespective of gramitical mistakes.

    While communicating in English, you may find someone with excellent command over English.

    Try to find out such person & let that person correct your mistakes & you need to consider such situations positively.

    Do not use abbrevated texts while chatting on social networking sites.

    Slowly you can improve your oral communication & can get command on English.

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    Hi Aditya,
    You can learn English easily it is not difficult but needs practise and a good concentration. You need to keep in mind about 4 skills – Reading, writing, speaking and listening.
    Do the following things:
    • keep a notebook of new words.
    • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes while learning.
    • Be strong and confident.
    • Know what is good for you and follow that routine in which you are comfortable.
    • More you will practise, more you will encourage yourself
    • Stick to a correct learning routine or a study plan.
    • Interact with people in english as much as you can.
    • You can also learn English online or a website.
    • Take your test every week to enhance your skills.
    • Watch English movies or DVDs.
    • Know the meanings of each and every word and write it on your notebook.
    • Ask help from your teacher or friends.
    Start it from today itself.
    I hope you will soon be able to speak English and a very good luck to you.

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    Hi Aditya,

    It feels great to know that you are trying hard to improve your English being Hindi-medium student. In order to learn speaking English fluently, I will recommend you to subscribe to YouTube channels of “your interest” where a host provide information in this language.

    I am not asking you read, write and communicate with people in English. I am asking you to watch the videos daily because while reading and writing you can accidentally learn to pronounce in wrong manner. You must first become familiar with the simple words just the way we became familiar with Hindi words in our home first and then the learning process became easier.

    After watching those videos regularly for two weeks, you can start with reading articles regularly of “your interest” for next two weeks while continuing with the videos. You will surely find boost in your confidence and fluency in your English within a month.

    Then, you can start with writing, communicating with everyone and reading newspapers.

    You must try these steps, I am sure it will work.

    Keep improving your English!

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    Hello Aditya,

    It is not a big issue and it is not something for what you should be ashamed of . Just think yourself as a beginner and always starve to learn something new and new. The more you have passion of learning English, the fast you can learn. There are some steps that will surely help you to improve our English.

    (i) Always try to communicate with others in English. Never mind ,What others will think or whether you are speaking correct or not.

    (ii) Start watching English serials/series/Movies along with their subtitles. So that you can understand .Not only this try to use their dialogues in your day to day life.

    (iii) Reading novels, newspapers,articles is also a way to improve your  English. Always make a note of vocabulary and try to use that in your conversation.

    (iv) Apart from this, start to learn grammar  and try to improve your grammatical errors day by day.

    (v) You must have heard , AS YOU PAY , SO THE PAY. So,ultimately it’s all on you.

    One more thing, Start learning a new thing is easy and fascinating but to reach till end become more and more challenging.Many people lose their hope in mid-way. Always make a note”He who begins and does not finish loses his labour”.

    Have Patience and be laborious.This is the key for learning not only English but anything.

    P.s. – Some video tutorials are also available on “” site. Go and take a look.

    All the very best

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     Shubham Gupta 

    A journey of thousand miles start with a single step. And that single and most efficient step is to remove hesitation and fear of being laughed at. You’ll have to admit that initially people will laugh at you but no one has gained anything by mocking anyone else. You’ll have to try and deliver with confidence only to realize that after people will accept you and see you as a fluent spokesperson. You’ll have to fake it till you make it. It worked for me. Best of luck!

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     Tushar Singh 

    Watch English Movies and Serials with subtitles.

    Self- Practice in front of mirror and then in front of family and friends helps.

    CONFIDENCE is the key. CONFIDENCE will come gradually.

    Ultimately- Be proud of who you are and of the beautiful language of Hindi!

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    Hi Aditya,

    Let me start off with a little story. When I was in 7th grade, my school came up with “You can only speak here in English”. I could write well but the idea of conversing in English made me shudder.. Almost for a month, I avoided talking at every cost, but as loquacious as I am, I couldn’t help much.. So, I realised this can’t be a solution.. I started speaking in English however slow or wrong may it be..

    So you see, the only thing that’s can help you are a little confidence and practice.. Rome wasn’t built in a day so you’ll certainly need some time to develop these skills.. But let me tell you, you’re just some hard work away..

    Things you need to do:

    1. Be a good listener. Whenever someone speaks in English, be attentive.. Listen carefully how they construct sentences.

    2. Make effort. Try. Don’t be bogged down by ridicule. Keep making effort.

    3. Speak to yourself. I do that a lot. Write down questions for yourself and answer them. In your head, of course.

    4. Dictionary is your best friend buddy. Download any offline dictionary and look up a new word as soon as you find one.. Make sure you hear the pronunciation in the app.

    5. Try watching English tv series or movies. First with subtitles and then without. That helps.

    So, here you go.. Good luck.. 🙂


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     Shreya Poddar 

    Hello Aditya,

    We all think that communicating in english is tough but trust me it is not that tough. All u have to do is practice and more practice. Start with translating small sentences, communicate in english withing ypur friend circle (i know at first it will be little awkward but it will be fine), listen to english songs with lyrics, watch english movies with subtitles because they help a lot, read english newpaper and novels.

    These little things will definitely improve you communication skills.

    All the best!

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     Kishan Kamlesh 

    I am quite interested in learning new languages though this is not quite the same, I’m sure we can draw an analogy!  I recently went to a place where none of the people around me spoke the same tongue so it became a tedious task to communicate i knew i had to learn the local tongue ASAP.

    I believe the best way to learn any language is to listen, and listen to people who are proficient in that language. How people speak, and what subtle changes in their way of speaking makes them effective, and then, among a closed peer group just practice, no pressure of not perfecting your speech. And before you know it you’ll be speaking in a fluent manner. Goes without saying that, It won’t be rapid  but with time, it’ll come to you!

    Hope this helps!

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    First just be equipped by the thought that you are good in english.


    1.Be a good listener ,instead of trying to speak,try to understand because you can only answer iff you understand what the other person is saying.

    2.Movies will be a good help for you,try to watch a movie without subtitles just try to understand the conversation.

    3.Try to talk to yourself or giving a speech to yourself.Try it infront of a mirror.

    4.Family and friends are the best resources which recognizes your mistakes but gives a fair output.Talk to them,talk to your seniors,start a conversation on a issue or a topic with your friends, it will be helpful to all of you.

    5.Read an English news paper daily and try to forward it to your friends in english about it.



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     Arathi Nayak 
    1. Read as much as you can. Start with simple books and magazines. Then gradually move on to harder books. Read the newspaper every day
    2. Try to write something every day. A story, a poem or simply the things that happened in your day since morning.
    3. Find someone to converse in English with.
    4. Ask for criticism and work on the feedback
    5. Watch English T.V. shows and movies without subtitles in your language.
    6. As a child, we learned our mother tongue through observing the people around us speak. So try to create a  similar atmosphere for yourself that enables you to learn english.
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     Ripunjoy Goswami 

    I would prefer you to go to youtube and watch video.  This is the easiest way. These days there are also many apps in the market where you can learn english in your smartphone

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    Hi Aditya,

    See the best way to improve your English is by reading. You can read almost anything and your vocabulary should get better. Try reading good works of literature and the newspapers and try to incorporate the words you learn into daily conversation. That will help become more fluent. Also, try to talk with more people, listen to interviews and podcasts made in English. And don’t forget to maintain an optimistic attitude, be open to criticism and filter criticism such that you absorb only the important points.

    You start doing all of this and your English should definitely begin to improve.

    PS: don’t get frustrated, learning a language which you already have an idea of is tougher than learning a new language altogether so whenever you’re trying to learn, try to beging with a clean slate.

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     Sunidhi Negi 

    Hi aditya,

    Well speaking english is no rocket science. All you need is confidence and a will to learn. Practice and practice. Reading will aid you in learning fluent English. Also watch English movies without subtitles and try to understand what they’re saying. Recheck whether what you’ve understood is correct. Talk to a friend who’s good in english. Tell them to correct you when wrong. And with time and practice, you’ll gain perfection.

    Good luck?

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     Siva Sashidaran 

    Hi there.

    The only way to become fluent in any language is to practice it. You mentioned that you try to read and write a lot. While that is a start, you must try to speak a lot to! I understand if there is no one around you who is willing to converse in English with you, but there will be some friends of yours who understand your predicament and will try to help by conversing in English. So step 1 is to start conversing.

    When it comes to reading, switch to novels and in case of newspapers, The Hindu. Even the Op-ed pages of the Indian Express make for a good read. The content in novels and newspapers will help you to recognise the fits and the misfits in a sentence, which is a mistake that non fluent English speakers usually make.

    No language can be spoken in fluently if you do not understand the grammar. Get back to the basics, buy a Wren and Martin copy and get on with it.

    Best of luck.

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     Prakruthi Jain 

    The psychological battles of learning a language outside of the country where it’s spoken can often be harder to overcome than the practical challenges. I’d like to address those first.

    When it comes to English learning (or any language learning), your biggest challenge will most likely be staying motivated for the long term. Your language skills will not develop overnight so taking it slow and steady is the key. Be patient and don’t give up. This is what will make or break your success.

    So, first and foremost, think about why you are learning English in the first place. Chances are, if you hate English or you feel you are being forced to learn English, you will not progress. So if you’re not sure, think about it for awhile. True motivation comes about for an infinite number of reasons; not one reason is better than the other as long as it genuinely inspires you. Having passion or a goal makes it easier to take the steps to get there.

    Second point of advice: get hungry. The successful students are “hungry” to improve. They are always looking for another way to practice; something else to read; or another good TV series or film to watch. Luckily, there are tons of things to read, watch, or listen to online that are in English. Just search for whatever interests you and engage with it.

    After you’ve set your goals and you have pumped yourself up, accessing and interacting with the material and resources to become a good speaker of English will be much easier.

    The practical steps to improve your spoken English:

    Listen (and read). You need to adjust your ear to the sounds of the language. Depending on your level, what you listen to and especially what you read will differ. Listening will help most with pronunciation and intonation and reading will help most with expanding your vocabulary and grammar. By engaging with music, film, and television you’ll also gain a cultural reference point that is helpful in speaking with native speakers. Here are some suggestions to get you started (although, really almost anything in English will do):

    The Beatles Playlist (Greatest Hits)
    Learning English with BBC new reports written in simpler English
    Wikipedia in Simple English, written specifically for English language learners in mind
    Films from these lists: The 100 greatest American films or AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies (many titles are listed on both lists) or 100 Best British Films: The full list

    Make notes. In the beginning, understanding every word is not as important as exposing yourself and getting the basic idea of what’s happening. As you progress and want to learn a new word or phrase, make a note of it. I keep a very small notebook and have an application on my phone that I use only for this purpose. These notes make it easy to review my new words while I’m on the bus, waiting for someone, etc.). The key here is not to write everything down – just the words that struck you as important or useful. The process of writing itself will help you remember it.

    Practice. This is the most important step. If you want to get better at speaking you’re going to need to speak.

    As speaking face-to-face can sometimes be intimidating, I recommend you speakmate. It’s a pretty good app for you to help in learning English.

    Good luck:)

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