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     Navya Singh 

    How accurate are rank predictors???

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     Pulkit Sharma 

    Hi Navya,

    First of all, let me tell you how a rank predictor works. The coaching institutes generally get the scores input from the students, so that they have a database ready for analysis. They then consider all the options like difficulty quotient, that compared to the previous years, their enrolled students’ records within the institute through the couple of years, statistics obtained from other classes and finally simulate a Rank Predictor’.

    Every institution releases its own answer keys and based on that your marks varies from institution to institution. So it naturally becomes difficult which score to consider, as each would eventually lead to a significant difference in your possible-ranks, even on the same predictor.

    All the best!!

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     Shraddha Goel 

    First let us make it clear that no tool can give you an exact rank. But it shows you expected rank range. Some of the top rank predictors present in the market are with Careers360,Resonance, etc.

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     Vivek Mishra 

    Well, everyone of us want the result as soon as exams are over and here comes the rank predictor.

    All rank predictors are totally based on relative assumptions from last year data. They are more accurate when the toughness of exam remains same in consecutive years. But as the cutoff marks changes  , then these predictors fails considerably. Let me give you a example of my friend. Rank predictor stated that rank would be around 55,000 but in reality it came to be 39259.

    This was only due to the fact that the cutoff was lowered in that year. So, believe on them but after a complete analysis of Question paper.

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    Hello navya!

    Rank predictors are just meant to give you an idea of estimating your rank. They are not pretty accurate.

    They just give it based on the previous year marks and has no link with the changes made in the current year system.

    So never estimate that will be your rank.

    You can get much better rank than the one which is predicted.

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