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    I have done diploma in hotel management 3 years course. What can I do after this?
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     Navneet Anand 

    Hello Vinu

    After a diploma you can go for a degree in hotel management.You can also opt for a job in various sectors with attractive salary options.

    Some of the career options for you are the below mentioned sectors :

    • Club Management
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Hospital Administration and Catering
    • Airline Catering and Cabin Services
    • Guest Houses
    • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
    • Forest Lodges
    • Hotel & Catering Institutes
    • Catering departments- shipping companies, banks, armed forces, and railways
    • Hotel & Tourism Associations
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     Shraddha Goel 

    First suggestion here would be to find a job with good profile and salary. If not, then you can apply for a master’s degree program in event management or sports management. It would also be a good idea to study culinary arts more profoundly.

    Thank you 🙂

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     The Hotel School

    Who are the Hotel Management Professionals and What Do They Do?

    As the name suggests hotel management is all about managing and running hotels. The term is used interchangeably with hospitality management but they are not one and the same.
    Hospitality management has hotel management as an integral part of it and would also include various other relevant sectors like Cruise, Aviation, and Restaurants etc. The Hotel industry has become a fascinating industry owing to its continuous growth and the growth of the tourism sector, resulting in a huge demand for Hotel Management Course.

    Why Choose The Hotel School for a Career in HM

    The number one reason is job placements. Every year 100% of students of The Hotel School get placed in the industry. It is because The Hotel School is quite aware of the requirements of the industry and prepares students in accordance with it. Instead of only bookish knowledge, the focus of teaching remains on the practical aspects such as understanding the role of time management, anticipating the guest’s needs and delivering as per the expectations. Students learn about the right attitude, intuitive skills, management skills and team spirit. Moreover, the college transforms the students into pleasing personalities, which is most importantly required in the industry. Bachelor degree and diploma in hotel management the most significant industry related courses that The Hotel School offers.

    Who Are the Hotel Management Professionals and What Do They Do?

    Every hotel needs someone who supervises, leads, and manages the rest of the staff. And that is where a hotel manager comes into the picture. A close look at the hotel job positions shows that a hotelier is responsible for the administration of all aspects of the hotel establishment including staffing, operations, and guest support & service. As you expect from any business leader, hotel managers oversee hotel property appearance and maintenance; that is, they make sure that the property is impeccably clean and appealing every time. When it comes to the financials, they have to monitor all budgets, operating costs, and forecasts.

    Hotel Management: the Prime Requirements

    Much like anyone in a management position, hoteliers need to undergo rigorous training and acquire relevant experience to garner a job in the hotel industry. In principle, a hotel manager must have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in hospitality management and a minimum of 10 years of expertise in the sector or a related field of hospitality. To stay on the cutting edge; however, the prospective hotelier must keep on attending leadership seminars regularly. A hotelier must also be familiar with the variety of hotel’s practices, concepts, and procedures. They must rely heavily on judgmental ability and experience to deliver top notch plans and accomplish their goals. A hotel manager must also multitask as well as report to the top brass. Here, latitude and sheer creativity are not only called for but also expected to be executed.

    Best Hotel Jobs and Career Paths

    No matter if you love this industry or hate this industry, you can certainly not ignore this industry which is an integral and indispensable part of the fastest ever growing Hospitality & travel industry. If you are in a dilemma why the hotel industry is loved all over the world, then let’s get to the facts right away. 1 in 5 jobs in the world is being created by the hospitality and tourism sector in the past decade. The hospitality industry is worth over 10% of the global GDP. The growth in the Hospitality & Tourism industry is set to spur growth in hotel jobs. There are many reasons to work in the hotel industry. It may be the growth, flexibility or scope; the reasons are just countless.

    Let’s get to the point of interest now, which are the top jobs of the hotel industry. The best Hotel jobs in terms of remuneration are:

    Hotel Manager or General Manager, Head of Sales, Casino Property Manager, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager, and so on.
    Then there are other expertise-based creative hotel jobs like E-commerce manager, Designers, Flaring Bartender and so on. There is something for everyone in the hotel industry. This is the vastness and expanse of the hotel industry.

    There are numerous career paths within the hotel industry after Hotel Management Course which include but are not limited to:
    Chef jobs, Housekeeping, Front Office and Guest relations, Restaurant service, Operations, Engineering, Reservations, Information Technology, Events, Sales etc.

    Know more:

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