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    Here are the Bong Brands You Need to Know About

    With the spread of mairjuana legalization and an ever-growing range of products on the market, there have never been more ways to consume cannabis. But that’s hardly an indication that the OG methods are falling by the wayside.To get more news about big bongs, you can visit sharebongs.com official website.

    Yes, vapes and edibles continue to take up a growing portion of the market, with concentrate sales jumping nearly 50% from 2017 to 2018. But the classic blunts, joints, and bongs remain popular among die-hard weed enthusiasts and maintain a cultural bedrock status for cannabis consumption.

    As a result, glass enthusiasts and casual bong users alike have a plethora of bong brands and online head shops to choose from, and it can be tricky to figure out which brands are worth your time from and which are producing sub-par quality glassware.

    That’s why we’re offering a list of the best bong brands that both glass enthusiasts and enthusiastic newcomers should know about in 2020. Whether you’re looking for a basic setup or some high-quality smokable glass art, these are the brands most likely to compliment your flower-combusting experience.Why it makes the list: Mobius Glass was founded in 2010 by glassblower John/Circle, and quickly came to fame for the Matrix perc — a cylindrical mesh percolator with vertical and horizontal slits. Mobius offers high-quality, durable, functional glass pipes in a sleek, “scientific” style with several Matrix perc variations. The company also goes to great lengths to distinguish their product from cheap knockoffs by marking every item with a tamper-proof hologram serial code sticker. For high-quality, functional glass at affordable prices, Mobius is a great resource.

    Why it makes the list: The bong has a rich history as a functional, interactive art piece through which glass artists can realize some of their most out-there creations. Empire Glassworks is a upholds this tradition with a wide variety of functional, high-quality, creative designs from individual glass artists. Most of Empire’s colors are custom-mixed, and the brand incorporates dichroic glass — a glass that changes colors depending on lighting conditions — into many of its pieces.

    Why it makes the list: Clear, functional, scientific pieces accented by subtle, yet vibrant logos and colors are the specialty of Zob Glass. If you’re looking for the classic, easy-to-clean beaker bong with a long bowl and downstem, Zob is an ideal place to find your simple, quality starter pipe at a moderately affordable price. The brand also specializes in its own inventions, the Wubbler, a fusion of a water pipe and a bubbler, and the Zobello percolator — a disc percolator at the bottom of the pipe base.

    Why it makes the list: Operating out of Austin, Texas, Grav Labs is home to the Gravitron — an effective, high-quality glass gravity bong available at a great price. The glass brand also features pipe and water pipe collections from Texas glass artists, and a modular, “build-your-own” bong line with a wide variety of mouthpieces, percs, bases, and other accessories with which to customize your new water pipe.

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