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    I have completed 12th science and I am seeking towards engineering but I am confused among CS, IT and mechanical engineering.
    Actually i am little bit fascinated by cool things like programming, Android development and such IT stuff but I don’t have much knowledge regarding it
    While I am a bit interested and also have much more knowledge of Physics, and maths which mechanical engineering includes,
    Also, due to good merits ,my friends advice me for mechanical.
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     Rohit Manglik 

    Hi Siddharth,

    Happy to help.

    Before I answer your question can you please help me with your scores in competitive exams and Board exams.

    What is the criteria used by your friends when they said you should choose Mechanical Engineering?

    In Indian context there is not much of difference between IT and CS. Both of them get into same companies and have same knowledge more or less.

    Also you should note that the subjects you study during 12th Class in Mechanical is different from those you study during BTech and afterwards.

    I hope it helps. Please reply over here so that I can guide you better.


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     Shraddha Goel 

    In India, CS Graduates have more job opportunities in terms of instantly getting recruited as IT sector is the largest and fastest growing sector today with endless big and small companies.

    Mechanical and CS are extremely different fields and have nothing in common. When making a career choice, interest has to be given due consideration since on the face of it, you will spending your whole life doing one thing. Since you say you like programming and the first sentence of this answer compliments your ability, I suggest you go for CS.

    Thank you 🙂

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