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     Ashiq Hussain 

    Hello please give me information regarding fees structure for IAS course
    which includes pre, mains, and viva and how much time it would take to complete full coaching and when next batch will start.

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     Asad yar Khan 

    Hi Ashiq!

    This answer below is from the experience of students who have prepared for the IAS and many of whom were successful in cracking the exam:

    1. GS+Prelim — 146000 INR
    2. CSAT — 20000 INR
    3. Optional — 46000 INR
    4. Test series—Prelims+ Mains=15000+25000=40000

    So the coaching of whole IAS coaching with Test series is around 2.5 lakhs rupees.

    If you are not from Delhi then you may also want to know about Cost of Living near your Coaching Institute.

    • Cost Of Living:


    There are three options available in this.

    1. Sharing room with other aspirants is the cheapest option available there and it may cost you around 4000 p-m. The quality of the room may not be up to the mark.

    2. Second Option available is the single room and it will cost you around 6000–7000 p-m.

    3. The third option is for ultra-rich peoples, room with A.C and it will cost you around 10000+ p-m.

    • FOOD:

    In food also there are two options available:

    1. Tiffins System: It will include 3-time food and cost you around 5k per month.

    Disclaimer: Actual food in Tiffin may be different (worse) from the food shown.

    2. Maid: Or you can hire a maid and she can cook for you. It will cost you somewhat less.

    • Study Material

    The Cost of study material is very less in Delhi and it will cost you around 2000 rupees p-m, which will include newspaper, booklets, other materials. So, overall Cost of Living in Delhi is around 12000+ p-m.Coaching of IAS is of around 10 months and if we calculate the total cost of living in Delhi for this period of time then it will be around 1.5 lakh So if we do a total of Coaching+Cost of Living that will be equal to 4 lakhs for 10 months. With Coaching, you will get additional pollution free of cost :p I hope it will clear all doubts about coaching fees of UPSC preparation in Delhi.Take the example of Vajiram & Ravi, Delhi:

    • GS classes: ₹ 95000
    • Optional classes: ₹50000
    • Test series(Prelims) from other institutes: ₹15000–20000*
    • Test series(Mains) from other institutes: ₹15000–30000*
    • *Depending on the reputation of institute & number of tests.

    Furthermore, let’s add the accommodation & food costs:

    Stay: ₹7000 for a (100 sq foot single room with attached toilet in Patel Nagar. Same will cost ₹10000 in Old Rajinder Nagar )+ ₹1000 convenience charges, water+electricity bills

    Food: ₹4000 for barely eatable tiffin.

    Given shitty nature of tiffins, keep ₹1000–2000 for eating out, chai, etc.

    Total: ₹1.5 lakh rupees during admission.

    Plus: ₹12000–15000 monthly for sustenance.


    Is it worth it?

    Not at all. They teach you basic NCERT stuff for first many months in coaching classes of GS. Optional classes are beneficial if you don’t have any background in your optional (Say a Civil engineer choosing History or Philosophy). Moreso, all the materials are given in classrooms along with their notes are available in the market. Moreso, with a plethora of guidance available today on the internet from successful candidates, and some really good quality websites like Insights, IASBaba, Mrunal, Unacademy there is no pressing need to join GS classes.

    Online paid classes are bullshit mostly as well, stay away from them (Some have written answers here promoting themselves).

    Who am I?

    A girl attempting her 2nd Mains this October. Reached interview last time, missed by a whisker.

    Here is a list of training institutes to help you prepare:

    Chanakya Institute

    Fee: Rs 50,000 for prelims, mains and interview and Rs 28,000 for every optional subject. Additional Rs 6500 for facilities availed by the candidates.

    Centers in North Delhi and South Delhi

    Raus IAS Study Circle

    Fees: Rs 55,000 for General Studies and Essay and Rs 35,000 per additional subject. Hostel facility available at the Rs 7000 to Rs 10,000 range.

    One center in Connaught Palace

    Vajiram and Ravi

    General Studies(Prelim –cum-Main – Batch 1)

    Rs. 96000

    Public Administration (Batch-I)

    Rs. 38000

    Sociology Rs. 37000

    Psychology Rs. 40000

    Geography Rs. 37000

    Political Science & International Relations

    Rs. 37000

    Commerce & Accountancy Rs. 37000

    CSAT Rs. 16000

    Good guidance and hard work is the key to success 

    Hard Work, persistence, focus, monotonous but disciplined routine, less sleep more efforts, less food more books, less socializing more newspaper & believe that no one deserves it more than me.

    In the year 2016, Vajiram and Ravi are charging a total of Rs. 196000 for all three courses i.e., GS pre-cum mains + csat + optional.

    Similarly, Vision Ias has an online coaching facility for which it charges Rs. 85000 for the GS pre-cum mains programme.

    In Bengaluru

    If you intend to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Bengaluru would perhaps be the right place. In Bengaluru, there are International Institutions which have forayed into the area of preparing students for civil services. You can explore CREO Valley IAS Academy they only take 20 students in a batch and they interview students before giving admissions to them. I believe they are working on the lines of super 30. The Infrastructure is very good compared to other institutes as they have a big campus. Just explore and stick to options which are result oriented. I am not sure about the fees so will not comment on the same.

    Self Study

    I would also advise that self-study is the key at the end as no matter where you go for the preparation it’s you who has to prepare on your own. So Talk to CREO Valley and understand whether it is alignment with your objectives and goals.

    ALL the Best

    (Courtesy-Sahil Kaushish (Aspiring candidate of UPSC CSE 2019) and others)

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     Kavitha Gowda

    Hi! You definitely need to read the reviews about such services, and be sure you read the reviews on independent websites, which are not promoting the services.

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     Kero Haiko

    As for me, most of the time I just use this resource on Grademiners here, so I don’t need to bother much but when I write myself I try to come up with original ideas. It’s quite hard of course but the whole process gets much more interesting I would say. So that’s a good approach to writing tasks in my opinion. Besides, these writing services save a lot of free time and energy as well. Now I finally have some time to relax and sleep better as well. You may use it too.

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     JosephE Richmond

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