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    H4 Led Headlight Bulb – Fast Shipment Factory Price

    1. Customized chip for auto use

    We used to find out another bulb on the market that produces as much brightness as the F3 bulb while still retaining a perfect beam pattern. The F3 LED headlight bulbs to utilize the newest LED chip technology that with a longer and wider range to create a seamless beam pattern for you.Get more news about <b>H4 Headlight Bulb</b>,you can vist our website!

    #2. 10000LM light output

    most LED headlight bulbs in the aftermarket stack 2, 3, 4 or 6 led chips in a line to create a different light source. The F3 led chip has no gap between two led diodes, that is close to a filament bulb, emits a high light output which is higher than the HID bulb.

    #3. 45W power output

    Because F3 led headlight is brighter than other led bulbs, with 45W power output, they still operate safely drive on the road in most situation. 13000RPM rapid heat-dissipation fans, it’s possible to cool down when it heats.

    #4. Beam pattern

    With a linger and wider range led chip technology design, it can gain a greater beam accuracy that works best in any headlight housing. Providing you a brighter and wider vision driving on road at night, avoiding potential safety hazard in advance.

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