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    Important Delivery Update. Hi! I’ve been making my own soap, lip balms and lotion bars for awhile now and recently wanted to get into Items made with CBD oil for medicinal reasons. I bought 100 mg bottle of CBD oil from a local shop. I wanted to make lotion bars, similar to your recipe. I used 1 part bees wax and 1 part Shea butter with the small bottle of CBD oil. After 12 hours I checked on it and it seems the oil didn’t mix with the wax and didn’t solidify with it. The last mold I filled was almost all the oil and still wet and didn’t mold at all. Do you have any suggestions, or see anything I would have done wrong? I thought I mixed everything well together also. Thank you! There are many reasons why people want to ‘flush’ their system of marijuana. The most common situation is a drug test for employment purposes. However, if your cannabis plant is losing lower leaves fast due to yellowing (if yellowing and dying leaves is “climbing” up the plant from the bottom), especially in the vegetative stage before plant is making buds, you have a problem that you will need to fix as soon as possible. A detox drink works by flushing the toxins out of your body that is currently in your bladder and urinary tract. The ones that have already worked their way into that system, and are going to be flushed out within the next day or so. Can I track my order?

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