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    Go live from your mobile device

    The Vimeo mobile app on iOS and Android includes the ability to stream live directly from your mobile device, allowing Premium and Enterprise members to quickly go live on the go. To get more news about <b>moonlive</b>, you can visit official website.

    Make sure you have iOS 13 or higher or Android version 6 or higher installed on your device.

    Please note: Because of variables outside of Vimeo’s control, Vimeo cannot guarantee streaming stability at all times for users connecting their mobile device to 4G/5G mobile data or wifi connections. Start by launching the app and make sure you are logged into your account. In the bottom navigation, tap the blue Add button in the center (Note: Some Android devices may see an Upload button instead).

    The first time you do this, you will need to allow the Vimeo app to access your camera and microphone; this is required in order for streaming from the app to work.

    After allowing these permissions, your camera will open. You can keep your phone in portrait mode to shoot a video in 9:16, or turn your device sideways to stream in landscape (16:9); if you do the latter, be sure your device’s portrait orientation lock is set to off, or else the stream will appear sideways. Keep your device in the desired position (portrait or landscape) before going live to ensure you get the desired aspect.Regardless of your video’s aspect ratio, you will see the option to enter an event title for a new event, or open the drop-down to choose an existing event. If you create a new event this way, keep in mind it will be a one-time event, not a recurring event.

    Below the event title, you can choose your streaming destinations. Tap the drop-down arrow to choose which destinations. This is also where you can change your stream’s privacy settings on Vimeo by tapping Edit privacy. In addition, you can connect and add other simulcast destinations.

    You can also flip between the default front and rear cameras on your device by tapping the camera flip icon near the go-live button. Note that it’s not possible to select specific lenses (e.g. wide-angle lens) that are included on some devices.

    Then tap the red button to start streaming. The icon will spin for a moment, then disappear and show a red “LIVE” box in the upper right corner alongside a viewer count and a timer. The camera settings are still accessible during your stream.

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