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     Anup Kumar 
    I am having experience of 4 years in IT sector, confused whether need to do to MS or MBA. I am not sure what are the prospects of MS program.
    Can you please help with that?
    My background:
    I have done B.E in mechanical engineering and now performing a role of SAP consulant in capgemini. Previously I had worked with Accenture. My exp is 4 yrs.
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     Parita Soni 

    Hi Anup,

    Ahaan.. seems to be more into technical field.. Your experience states that you are more into technical stuff. If you really enjoy your work and want to learn more and upgrade yourself into technical field i suggest go for MS and if you plan to work as a management person into any technical company or want to have a startup, and you feel you are thorough with your engineering knowledge you can opt for MBA.

    It all depends on what you want to do for future and what you love to do. What interests you more. Select accordingly.

    Have a great future!

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     Olivia Das 

    It doesn’t seem totally out of place for me that you are thinking of MBA!

    During the course of their Undergrad studies, students either fall in love with technology (without becoming geeks!) or they’re whacked out. The former choose to stay in the field by choosing core jobs or carrying further their studies. The others choose to take up some IT or finance related jobs or try to crack the mighty CAT. Many have the epiphany at the end of their college lives that Engineering is not their game. Also, some get involved in so many activities in college that they feel MBA can be their road to success. The last two types choose to do MBA, which seems pretty logical to me.

    I think the 4 years in college should give you plenty insight on what you want to do!

    Coming to –

    MS (Master of Science): Your focus is primarily on the advanced topics on a particular subject.  MS emphasis is more technical in nature. You will study more advanced topics  in the area of focus. Just to compare, it is like doing M.Sc or M.A back in home country . It is good for doing further research by enrolling in PhD or to work in technical positions in your job. It can be like  Database Architect,  Marketing Research Director, Advance Tax & valuation expert, etc. It will give you edge in the technical area you are working or research. Typically, many people who wish to become researches, professors one day, choose this path so that they can go to PhD and then become a professor or researcher some day. Some just take because they love the subject and want to know the details to an advanced level!

    MBA(Master of Business Adminstration ):clearly we can see it is an Administration or Management degree by name. It is no way technical in nature. You are not trying to explore the depth of a particular subject; you are trying to learn various aspects of a business and  learn management skills to administer company’s or organization’s resources and people effectively. Typically, 2/3rd of the classes will be fundamental courses of Business and administration like  Accounting,  Corporate Finance , Organization behavior, IT for Managers, Marketing Strategy, Economics, Operations strategy, Leadership and Negotiation, etc. Rest of the 1/3rd of the classes with be electives and you have the choice. You can pick Marketing, Finance, HR, etc based on your choice or your current industry. When someone says, I got MBA in Marketing, it means that they only did this 1/3rd of the classes related to Marketing. But, when someone says, I have MS in Marketing, it means they had around 80 – 100% of their classes in Marketing ONLY. You see the difference ?

    Based on university it changes, but generally you can do your own set of classes that you like for the 1/3rd of classes in MBA with variety of mix, then you will not have a degree in specialization. It will be called General Degree in MBA.

    MBA is for those of you who want to work in a management or leadership positions in an organization. The degree teaches you all about Business and how to effectively manage people, resources to make logical and better decisions for the business. It is ideal for anyone with few years of experience and willing to grow up the ladder in their company. It is for aspiring managers…If you want to grow to higher level in a company and one day dream of becoming a CEO  or opening your own business, then MBA is for you !

    P.S.: choose what you find is fit for the agenda set by you in your life! 🙂

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