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     Arpit Raj Mall 

    I’m appearing for B.Com final year exams this year. I had cleared the entrance exam for CA in my first year and had given intermediate exams twice. Now I don’t want to continue my studies in commerce. Instead I want to study psychology, for which I will have to obtain a graduate degree in the said subject. I am facing conflicts in my decision as it delays all the other things in my future. Please guide me as to what will be the future of this decision. How much will I earn and when?

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     Navneet Anand 

    Hello Rajat

    You can always switch your field to any desired branch.This may have short term effect on your career growth but in a long race it doesn’t matter.On the other hand there are a lot of common segments in commerce and psychology. You can work in a lot of fields as an employee as well as counselor. You can also put the knowledge of your statistics in  your career  growth as an analyst.

    You can also opt for academics and teaching as a professor or research scholar.

    Thank You

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     Shraddha Goel 

    There would only be psychological barriers if you change your field and start with psychology afresh. That is, you might think that others are doing well and are ahead of you. If you control this thought, then I don’t think you will encounter any problem and hence you should couragiously go  for psychology if it appeals to you. You shall start earning at least 2 years after your graduation and can expect to become one of the following:

    • Clinical psychologist
    • Counselling psychologist
    • Educational psychologist
    • Forensic psychologist
    • Further education teacher
    • Health psychologist
    • Occupational psychologist
    • Primary care graduate mental health worker
    • Psychological wellbeing practitioner
    • Sport and exercise psychologist

    Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

    • Actuarial analyst
    • Advertising account planner
    • Advice worker
    • Careers adviser
    • Counsellor
    • Forensic accountant
    • Human resources officer
    • Market researcher
    • Physician associate
    • Play therapist
    • Psychotherapist
    • UX analyst

    P.S. Career Adviser and Counsellor is something that is growing at an incredibly high pace and will ensure you good, stable and high salaried job.

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    These days educaiton is just flowing , you can earn it in whichever field you want to. You have 2 choices , fist think that in psychology which field you want to explore ,because it is not necessary to obtain a 3 year degree in all the sections of psychology.You can even opt for short term courses which have immense scope , like counseling , educational psychology,Clinical psychology,Industrial psychology,Development psychology etc..
    You can choose any one of these specializations. Various social welfare organizations, rehabilitation centers, child/youth mental guidance centers, counseling centers need trained and skilled psychologists

    So first understand which section you want to chose , then opt for a short-term course which will save your time and also youll get to study what you want to. Dont think about delays because , there is no age to learn and explore.

    There are numerous colleges which teach short term courses , so after knowing about the section you want to study think about the college depending on the city you can study in.

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    Hi, if we consider paving the entire way to establishing oneself in careers associated to psychology, you need to consider where you wish to seek an admission. There are several universities across India that offer psychology for undergrad as well as postgrad courses. Some of these are:  Delhi University, Jamia Milia Islamia, Gautam Budh University, Punjab University, TISS, Ambedkar University. Upon your masters you can hopefully select your field of specialisation, the most commonly opted for are Clinical, Counselling, and Organisational. As the name suggests, a specialisation in clinical psychology will open your doors to careers such as a clinical or forensic psychologist; counselling psychology opens the doors for jobs with NGOs and other educational institutions like Schools, Old Age homes, Rehabilitation centres etc. finally, a specialisation under Organisational Psychology opens doors for corporate jobs in MNC’s and their HR departments and of course you can also choose to be a researcher or academician too.

    If you wish to consider the specialisation options available based upon the projective initial salary, then, for counsellors (those who specialise in counselling psychology) 20–30k depending upon the university and their potential. for those who choose to specialise in clinical psychology can expect to be paid around 30–35k but are allowed to practice independently after completing their M.phil (18 month programme after masters); those who specialise in organisational psychology can expect to be paid approx 30 k per month.

    Hope this helps!

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