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    I want to know About that frankin institute. Can u let me know some??
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    Elizabeth John Elizabeth John 
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    Hello Tenzin Chozom,

    Frankfinn is a good choicr to pursue a career in the Aviation and Hospitality Industry as it extends high standards of specialized training.
    The various courses offered by the institute invludes-

    1. FDAHTM- 12 Months
    Frankfinn Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management.

    2. FDHTCS- 12 Months
    Frankfinn Diploma course in Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service.

    3. FPGDAHS- 12 Months
    Frankfinn Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation and hospitality services.

    4.FPGDAGS- 12 Months
    Frankfinn Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Ground Services.

    5. FPGDAHTCS- 12 Months
    Frankfinn Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Customer Services (Comprehensive course that consists of 4 hours on a daily basis for 5 to 6 days a week)- 300 hours.
    Hope you are able to make a well- informed decision and pursue the field of your interest.
    All the best!

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