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    I want to know the classification of tenses in the form of a flowchart. Can someone help?

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    Tenses refer to the time of an action and tells us if the process is taking place now, has taken place or will be taking place.

    The three main types of tenses are Past tense, Present tense and Future tense.

    The sub divisions of Past tense are:

    1. Simple past
    2. Past progressive
    3. Past perfect simple
    4. Past perfect progressive

    The sub divisions of Present tense are :

    1. Simple present
    2. Present progressive
    3. Present perfect simple
    4. Present perfect progressive

    The sub divisions of Future tense are:

    1. Simple Future
    2. Future progressive
    3. Future perfect simple
    4. Future perfect progressive

    Here’s a link to help you out – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/528891549965343619/


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