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    Ashita Kulshreshtha Ashita Kulshreshtha 
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    Hi Ankit,

    The scope for fitness training in India has increased due to unhealthy lifestyle. After pursuing fitness training, one can open gym centres, fitness camps and co-curricular activities.

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    Ankit Gupta Ankit Gupta 
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    What is the scope of fitness training in India?

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    Shraddha Goel Shraddha Goel 
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    Following is the scope of fitness training in India:

    In government: You can run for various govt. institutions and sports bodies. Trainers are required in schools, universities, colleges.

    In private sector: It ranges from employment in spas, hotels, health resorts, fitness clubs, sports clubs.

    You can also start you own gym, health club or become a personal fitness trainer to somebody.

    You can expect a monthly salary of Rs 15000-Rs 30000 but it may go up too.

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