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    I’m studying Electronics engineering, and I failed this year. I’m not sure what to do next?


    I love computer science field, I’m not ready to give another year and start the University again. I’m 22 years old and I feel like I’m old, I think I should just continue this field. It’s true I find it interesting it just happen that I found the studies isn’t that fun as i can tell, and about the job I think I would run small business or get part time job and invest the money in something else.


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    I think its difficult to give specific answer to this vaguely asked question. It would not be appropriate to tender career suggestions without knowing about the background, capabilities, aspirations and interests of concerned person in little bit more detail.

    As a general advice I wud insist that u must continue your University,because without qualifications it’s quite difficult to succeed beyond a certain level… Also the kind of jobs  you are talking about are more of a temporary or supplementary kinds of professions.. Age 22 is not something to worry about.. you must finish your studies first in stream of your choice.. And then you can explore for various career options..

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    Hey there!

    Let me tell you. I am in final year EEE in VNIT and well I had a lot of setbacks. First of all, failing is not the end of the world. I have seen so many people come and go and many of them are very successful even if they have had a year back.Truthfully speaking I have had four reexaminations and I desperately needed to pass else I would have failed. My answer would don’t lose hope. Hope is something that keeps all your dreams alive. Because that’s what is the last thing that gives you courage. CGPA always matters in everything you do. I learned it the hard way. So this year I took to myself beat my depression and worked my way up the ladder finishing this sem with a 7.5 SGPA and that coming from someone who had a 4 SGPA in the first semester. You are never too old to learn that’s for sure. Complete what you have started and just don’t give up. You are smart don’t let your grades put you down.

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