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    hello guys
    myself raghu and i want to know some details regarding the exam of bar council of india. i want to enter into this field under any type of problems and want to excel in this field. so guys please help me and guide me in knowing these details for which i will be grateful. i will be waiting for a sonner reply from you guys . please guide me and ensure me that i can succeed

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    hlo raghu

    you have really chosen one of the best fields in current situation


    1. Act in a dignified manner

    During the presentation of his case and also while acting before a court, an advocate should act in a dignified manner. He should at all times conduct himself with self-respect. However, whenever there is proper ground for serious complaint against a judicial officer, the advocate has a right and duty to submit his grievance to proper authorities.

    2. Respect the court

    An advocate should always show respect towards the court. An advocate has to bear in mind that the dignity and respect maintained towards judicial office is essential for the survival of a free community.

    3. Not communicate in private

    An advocate should not communicate in private to a judge with regard to any matter pending before the judge or any other judge. An advocate should not influence the decision of a court in any matter using illegal or improper means such as coercion, bribe etc.

    4. Refuse to act in an illegal manner towards the opposition

    An advocate should refuse to act in an illegal or improper manner towards the opposing counsel or the opposing parties. He shall also use his best efforts to restrain and prevent his client from acting in any illegal, improper manner or use unfair practices in any mater towards the judiciary, opposing counsel or the opposing parties.

    5. Refuse to represent clients who insist on unfair means

    An advocate shall refuse to represent any client who insists on using unfair or improper means. An advocate shall excise his own judgment in such matters. He shall not blindly follow the instructions of the client. He shall be dignified in use of his language in correspondence and during arguments in court. He shall not scandalously damage the reputation of the parties on false grounds during pleadings. He shall not use unparliamentary language during arguments in the court.

    6. Appear in proper dress code

    An advocate should appear in court at all times only in the dress prescribed under the Bar Council of India Rules and his appearance should always be presentable.

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