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     Matthew Wolf 


    I am planning to pursue Engineering after my 12th grade. Which are the various streams available in India for Engineering?

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     Shravya H.M. 

    Hello Sharath!

    There are several streams in engineering.

    The core engineering streams are:

    • Civil Engineering.
    • Electrical Engineering.
    • Electronics and Communications Engineering.
    • Computer Engineering.
    • Instrumentation Engineering.
    • Mechanical Engineering.
    • Biotechnology.

    Some other available streams in engineering are:

    • Marine Engineering.
    • Environmental Engineering.
    • Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering.
    • Architecture and construction.
    • Automobile Engineering.
    • Telecommunication Engineering.
    • Highway Engineering.
    • Agricultural Engineering.
    •  Industrial Engineering.
    • Mining Engineering .
    • Metalurgical Engineering.
    • Leather Technology.
    • Ceramic Technology.
    • Petroleum Engineering.
    • Plastics Technology.
    • Polymer Engineering.
    • Textile Engineering.
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    Hello !

    There are several streams available under engineering.They can be divided into two main categories,

    1. Core Engineering Branches(streams).
    2. Non Core Engineering Branches(streams).

    The core engineering branches include,

    1.Mechanical Engineering. This is concerned mainly with machines, as the name suggests and the various principles on which the machines work.

    2. Civil Engineering. This is concerned with the construction, design and maintenance of buildings,bridges and other man made as well as natural environments.

    3. Electrical Engineering. This is concerned with the generation of power, maintenance and distribution of electricity on various scales.It is based on the principles of electromagnetism.

    Besides these 3 main core branches, Chemical Engineering can also be considered as a core stream. It deals with the various physical and chemical properties of materials and the various processes  to convert them into more useful substances.

    Some of the Non Core Engineering streams are,

    1. Computer Science Engineering.
    2. Information Technology Engineering.
    3. Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    4. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.
    5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
    6. Aerospace Engineering.
    7. Automobile Engineering.
    8. Automation and Robotics Engineering.
    9. Petroleum Engineering.
    10. Marine Engineering.
    11. Architecture and Planning.
    12. Bio Technology.
    13. Food and Agricultural Engineering.
    14. Fishery & Hatchery Engineering.
    15. Sound Engineering.

    There are some other streams as well but they come mostly under these streams only.

    For more detailed information about a particular stream, you can always search the internet and also find the best colleges offering those streams.

    Always go for the stream that interests you the most.

    Cheers! All the best.


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