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    Dr. Ambedkar firmly believed that political democracy cannot succeed without social and economic democracy. In his talk given on the Voice of America he argued that: “Democracy could not be equated with either republic or parliamentary form of government. The roots of democracy lay not in the form of government, parliamentary or otherwise. A democracy is a model of associated living. The roots of democracy are to be searched in social relationship, in terms of the associated life between the people who form the society.”
    He was against coercive centralised institutional authority that Hobbesian Philosophy maintains. Associated life is consensual expression of shared experience, aspirations and values. If a small section of the society is allowed to manipulate the cultured symbols of the society that process becomes undemocratic and destructive. For him political democracy is not an end in itself, but the most powerful means to achieve the social and economic ideals in society. State socialism within the framework of parliamentary democracy can defeat dictatorship. Fundamental rights without economic security are of no use to the have-nots. “Social and economic democracy are tissue and the fibre of a political democracy.”

    According to the passage, Dr. Ambedkar is against coercive centralized Institutional Authority because –

    Options :-

    1. It results in the destruction of the cultural symbols of the society

    2. It stifles the aspirations and freedom of expression of the society

    3. It results in a minority controlling the cultural symbols of the society

    4. It is an anathema to the spirit of democracy

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