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    Directions: Which of the given options best constitutes the underlying theme of the passage?
    The very first tools enhanced our mastery over Nature rather than encouraged our harmony with it. For spiritualists, there are two ways of approaching knowledge, one which will lead to holiness or wholeness, the other to a false, arrogant and destructive mastery over nature. The first approach is based on the idea that mankind is created as an image of God. By discovering our inner being, we discover our God-like aspects. Spiritual practice will therefore give us aspects of the powers of the divine. To some, technology is simply a crude substitute for spiritual powers. Technology progressively weakens humanity. The more we extend technology and thus our external senses, the less the need for inner senses.

    Options :-

    1. The techno sphere is increasingly becoming inimical to both our bodies and minds.
    2. Spiritualism enhances our attunement with nature.
    3. The merging of man with technology is a part of the larger mystical task within the context of the universe.
    4. For every new power and possibility that technology brings, there is a taking away of other components of humanity.
    5. Like a colony of termites destroys wood, technology is destroying us humans.
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