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    Directions: Which of the given options best constitutes the underlying theme of the passage?
    The inaccuracy and ambiguity of our language is essential for poets who work largely with its subconscious layers and associations. Science, on the other hand, aims for clear definitions and unambiguous connections, and therefore it abstracts language further by limiting the meaning of its words and by standardizing its structure, in accordance with the rules of logic. The ultimate abstraction takes place in mathematics where words are replaced by symbols and where the operations of connecting the symbols are rigorously defined. In this way, scientists can condense information into one equation, i.e. into one single line of symbols, for which they would need several pages of ordinary writing.

    Options :-

    1. Mathematics is nothing but an extremely abstracted and compressed language.
    2. We have to supplement our mathematical models and theories with verbal interpretations.
    3. Scientific models are rigorous and consistent, though a little detached; verbal models are less accurate but more lifelike.
    4. Reality, as experienced by the philosophical models, is indeterminate and undifferentiated.
    5. Rational knowledge and rational activities certainly constitute the major part of scientific research.
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