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    Directions: Which of the given options best constitutes the underlying theme of the passage?
    It will be recalled that historical theories concentrate on the political, economic and cultural aspects of the problem. There is in fact a lot of overlap between the various disciplines. The `cultural` approach of the historian is the territory of the anthropologist; the sociologist`s `conflict of interest` generates much of the literature of the historian. Daniel Gold has noted that `the economic and political factors affecting the emergence of communalism` do not explain `its persistence` or its various forms. Similarly, the social psychologist Williams insists that religious conflict `can emerge even if everyone involved is initially devoid of stereotypes, ignorance, standardized modes of scapegoating or diffuse unfulfilled needs for aggression`.

    Options :-

    1. Conflict is an inherent part of religion.
    2. We ought to include a new interdisciplinary framework for the study of communalism.
    3. Communalism can be effectively studied by removing the overlap within its various facets.
    4. Historical theories attribute more than one reason for the persistence of communalism.
    5. Various social scientist concur that communalism is a multi-dimensional force.
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