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    Directions: Which of the given options best constitutes the underlying theme of the passage?
    If we look at modern intellectuals, we are confronted with the grotesque spectacle of such characteristics as militant uncertainty, crusading cynicism, dogmatic agnosticism, boastful selfabasement and self righteous depravity  in an atmosphere of guilt, of panic, or boredom and of allpervasive evasion. If this is not the state of being at the end of one`s resources, there is no further place to go. Everybody seems to agree that civilization is facing a crisis, but nobody cares to define its nature, to discover its cause and to assume the responsibility and the spirit to fight for its moral ideals with full, righteous confidence. But this is not what we see today. If we ask our intellectual leaders what are the ideals we should fight for, their answer is such a sticky puddle of stale syrup  of benevolent bromides and apologetic generalities about brotherly love, global progress and universal prosperity  that a fly would not die for it or in it.

    Options :-

    1. Civilization is facing its greatest crisis today.
    2. The modern intellectuals are bankrupt of ideas.
    3. We are fighting for moral ideals and values, ignoring the material values altogether.
    4. We have lost our self esteem and more importantly the spirit to fight for our morals.
    5. There is a crisis of confidence that we face today and there is none to formulate a solution.
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