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    Directions: This question is based on the following passage.

    Some analysts perceive that the real reason behind the rising oil prices is increased speculation about the future value of oil. Specifically, they claim that the beliefs that oil supply is lower than it is and that future oil supply will be just as low have led the traders to inflate oil prices at present. While most of the data show that output has been slowing down, it is possible that speculation could account for some of the present hike in oil prices.

    Which of following could best weaken the claims made in the above passage?

    Options :-

    1. Oil prices are much more a function of global demand and supply than anything else.
    2. Across the globe, there has been significant prospecting activity and many oil wells have been discovered in the past five years.
    3. Several alternative sources of energy like bio-diesel, bio-fuel and CNG have been developed and are becoming more and more popular.
    4. The rate of growth of oil consumption has slowed down in the past two decades.
    5. There has been a long-drawn campaign in the US by environmentalist against the ill-effects of using oil as a source of energy.
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