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    Directions: The short passage below is followed by a question based on its content. Answer the question on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage.

    Separateness is an illusion. That's what we learn through the spiritual practice of connections. Everything is interrelated in time, space, and our very being. Both religion and science reveal this truth: the experiences of the mystics, the teachings of ecology and physics, even the Internet. One definition of spirituality is "the art of making connections." There are certain givens: The one is made up of many. One thing always leads to another. Everything is related to everything else. You practice connections, then, by consciously tracing the links connecting you with other beings. Any point is a good starting place – your family line, your work, your back yard. Watch for the moments when the separations disappear. And don't be shy about naming mystical experiences as such when you experience them.
    The practice of connections reinforces holistic thinking and awareness of how the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of our being interpenetrate and nourish each other.

    What is the theme of the passage?

    Options :-

    1. Separateness is an illusion as the history of the world is plagued by dueling dualisms of mind and body.
    2. We shouldn't be shy about mystical experiences and should try to relate to them.
    3. Things in life are inter-related. We should endeavor to look for these interconnections.
    4. Abstaining from our fix of individualism one day at a time would engage us in spiritual practice to connections.
    5. Both religion and science have always argued on the art of making connections.
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